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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

In His Brother's Footsteps

Jude has been preparing a research and presentation project for the upcoming Heritage Fair, which he is doing in partnership with David M. Their project is talking about weapons and vehicles that Canada used in WWI. One day, after Jude had been reading up on tanks and had to get up for a moment to do something else, leaving his book on the couch, I looked over and saw this:

Get 'em started on reading young, I always say... just never thought to use a book on tanks before!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the Levi in the House

In the last few weeks, Levi has had a growth spurt. He has now discovered that he is suddenly tall enough to reach the light switches. And the door knobs. And he's figured out how to use them...

That means that I am constantly finding lights turned on that don't need to be. Our bathroom door always remains closed (because he likes to climb up on the toilet and get his toothbrush out of the cabinet, which he then mauls to oblivion... or get into Mommy's makeup, which is worse), but the switches are outside the door in the hall. Whenever I go to the back of the house, both the bathroom fan and light are usually on these days. Since I don't have to go back there all that frequently, they have sometimes been on for a while. Oh, the joys... (Fortunately, although he knows how to turn the doorknobs, it's still kinda tough, so he has only really done it on his own bedroom door--which he was the one to close in the first place--and Jude's a few times, which he doesn't usually do because he knows he shouldn't!)

This li'l daredevil likes to do all kinds of things that give Mommy gray hairs. One of his favourite things to do is pretend he's an acrobat and put his toy truck into crazy places and balance on it. Besides the upside-down blocks container in the photo above, he has done something similar on the couch so he could see out the window while sitting on his truck. He has also stood straight up on the steering wheel and balanced there perfectly--thankfully, while the truck is firmly on the floor! He is always so proud of this feat (and it really is one to be proud of at this age), but I always calmly and firmly (so as not to startle him) tell him to get down immediately.

Gonna have to get this boy into gymnastics!

Just this week, he also seems to be phasing out his nap. This is strange, since last week he was sleeping for over two hours at a time, fighting a mild stomach bug. I don't know if his teeth are bugging him and keeping him from sleeping well, or if he really is outgrowing the need to nap already. He has still been napping every day, but usually only 30-45 minutes, as opposed to the much longer naps I am used to (and prefer! Mommy isn't ready for him to be done napping!!)

Levi is becoming quite the reader--he currently enjoys looking at books that have vehicles in them (of course), but we have let him graduate beyond board books to the closely-supervised perusal of other children's picture books. He also loves the books about animals that we have. Until the last few days, all four-legged largish creatures were "hoe" for "horse", but he is now starting to pick up on "nie-no" for "dino." 

Levi and Noah learn about cheetahs together.
In another new development on the language front, all vehicles up until this week have either been "tractors" or "truckos". On Tuesday, while we were walking back and forth from the autobody shop to Tim Horton's (a route that goes by Rentco and a very busy main intersection), he actually started using the word "hoe" for hoes, and used it correctly several times that day!

In less than two weeks, this little man will be two years old. He has now been part of our family for almost a year (on Sunday, the year will be complete) and has brought us so many blessings. We love our little Munchkin, and it would be tough to imagine our family without him.

I love watching you grow, little Levi!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Honest is Good...

Jabin stabbed the soft-fried yolk on his open-faced egg sandwich and declared, "I killed my yolk!"

"Really? I didn't realize you were a murderer," replied Jason from his position by the stove.

"I only murder yolks," said Jabin. "Besides, he was being mean to me."

"I hope you don't start killing everyone who is mean to you," I called out from the office, where I was listening in. "'Cause that would be bad."

Without missing a beat, Jabin replied, "You're right. 'Cause Jude would be dead by now."

How sweet and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together...

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Breaking News

Extra! Extra! Big announcement over at the Grace Notes blog.

Check it out!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Noah's Turns Ten

Two weeks ago today, Noah hit double digits.

Hard to believe that this "little man" is now passing the decade mark. In honour of the occasion, I decided it was high time for a list.

Ten Things I Love About You
  1. Your smile.
  2. Your sensitive spirit.
  3. Your goofy sense of humour.
  4. How affectionate you are.
  5. Your love of music.
  6. Your imagination.
  7. How, once you learn how to do something, you always try to do your best and get it right.
  8. Your artistic side.
  9. The comics you create. (Sub-topic to #8. :-D)
  10. Your hugs.
For Noah's birthday, he wanted a pirate party (costumes optional--YAY! I didn't have to sew anything new!), so the Saturday night after he turned 10 our house became the centre of activity for all kinds of scallywags.

Jude helped make some party decorations, including a bang-up Jolly Roger. The boys all blew up and hung balloons. (Well, Jason did most of the hanging. And Levi mostly chased balloons and popped them.)

As per usual, I left things until too close to the last minute (thanks to an unplanned, last-minute trip to Lacombe the weekend before to visit my grandmother, when I was planning on completing all the party preparations), so I actually had to put my mother and Amanda M. to work helping me finish the birthday banner when they arrived! Oh, well, at least the food was ready, for once! :-)

Kid's got "'Staches and Tats" galore, and ended up covering foreheads, hands, and arms. Jabin thought a beard was in order. Darryl thought Groucho Marx was in order. :-)

The activity that surprised us with its popularity was that all the kids got to decorate a white balloon with a permanent marker before they went home. They were very intent on it, and got really creative.

'Twas a fun night had by all! Argh, matey!

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