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Elusive bliss & Grumpy Bear

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The definition of bliss: all three children napping at the same time.

This did NOT happen today.

Days like this seem especially long, because Mommy never gets any "down time"--not only that, here I am in my office working after the kids are in bed instead of being able to use this time to relax with my husband.

On the plus side, Jabin is finally starting to learn to settle himself down for bed and naptimes.

Also, I finally decided to start potty-training Noah. I figure my life is about as settled as it needs to be for him to learn that technique. I've sat him down on the potty a couple of times in the last two days, with no result. So I tell Jason to set him on the potty before his bath, which he does. Noah does NOT pee on the potty, but as soon as he stands up pees all over the floor. Typical! However, he's never peed on the floor before, either, so I'm thinking the relaxation reflex was a little delayed, but at least he's figuring it out. He also peed on the floor again after his bath.

Obviously, we'll need to work on that.

Silver lining: at least it was on the laminate, not the carpet!

I was talking with Amanda today about how we used to be fun people. Now we are serious so much of the time. What happened? you ask. We think we know:

We became mothers.

Neither of us want our children to remember us as grumpy bears.

Hopefully in a few years when the toddler-constantly-needing-his-hand-slapped stage is over, we'll re-discover those fun people we used to be, and our children will actually enjoy hanging out with us--and vice-versa!

{Today it was +4C and windy in the Peace country. This has been a pretty fantastic winter, all around.}

Jason had his first day in the PR location of his new job today. He says it looks like he's got a pretty good group of guys to work with, but that most of them are much younger than he is. Interesting.

Now I think I shall go put up my feet, knit and watch a movie--any knitters care to join me?

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