Irony defined

Friday, February 24, 2006

Definition of Irony:

Likely the only person (or one of the few) to whom chocolate and sugar are proscribed being asked to bring the chocolate fondue to an event.

You guessed it, that's me.

I am attending a women's ministry event tonight put on by the Baptist church called "Chick Flick and Chocolate", where we will be watching Janette Oke's "Love Comes Softly" and where there will be plenty of chocolate involved! Being the helpful person I am, I forwarded on a Fondue recipe I had kicking around in my computer from my Pampered Chef days. Well, the poor ladies who are organizing the event already had so much to do that when they asked if I would also be the one to MAKE the fondue and bring it, I could hardly say No.

So, here I am. Just to appeal to health nuts like myself, I also bought some carob chips to make into fondue. Yes, there will still be sugar involved, but at least it is somewhat justifiable, right? And fortunately, once I actually READ the recipe I sent them, I realized I could alter it somewhat to make it less junky--at least switch the frozen whipped topping for healthy, real whipping cream! Guess it's a good thing I'm making it, then, anyway.

Fortunately, they have chosen fruit as the dippers. And I am going to eat lots of supper before I go so I am not TOO hungry! (Who am I kidding? I can stuff myself at supper and still be ready to eat a good-sized snack at 10 p.m. every other night, so why should tonight be any different?)


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