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Noah-Go fish! and the dangers of sugar

Friday, February 10, 2006

Does every child have to do it? Jump into a bathtub of water fully clothed?

Jude did it. And now, so has Noah. At about the same ages, too.

I know they like their baths, but REALLY!

I think having a bath is just about Noah's most favourite activity in the whole world.

Unfortunately, between the newly-bathed baby I was diapering and dressing, the phone conversation I was trying to carry on, and the grumpy 3-year-old freshly awoken from his nap, I did not get a picture of this annoying, but humourous event. Oh, well. That's what blogs are for, I guess!

On a slightly different note:

When I hopped on my bathroom scale this morning, it blinked "145" back at me in squared digital numbers. I blinked back. I haven't weighed 145 lbs since I was 17 years old--I know, because I just had them change it on my driver's licence. Then I thought "Oh, but this scale always weighs light." So I jumped on again. Somehow, in that 10 seconds, I lost another three pounds. A third try also came up with 142. I wondered if the scales' batteries were dying.

How can I test this? I wondered. Then I had an Ah-HAH! moment. I ran downstairs and grabbed one of Jason's 25 lb. weights. (I was originally going to do 50, then picked up the 25 pounder and decided that that was sufficient!) I gingerly placed it on the scale and pressed the little black button, expecting to see "24" or even "23" show up. Imagine my surprise when a big red "25" popped up on the screen.

This is ridiculous! I thought. I jumped back on the scale, and came up with the 145 number again, and again, and again.

Ridiculous, because:

1. I have a 2 1/2 month old baby.
2. Said baby is my THIRD child.
3. I know breastfeeding helps you lose weight, but I breast-fed Noah for 6 months and never dipped below 155.
4. I haven't even been exercising.
5. I never thought I'd drop below 150 again, so I got rid of all my pants and skirts that size (some of which I REALLY liked!), and now most of my pants and skirts are hanging on me like burlap potato sacks.
6. I HAVEN'T been trying to lose weight!

So, I blame the Maker's Diet. (www.makersdiet.com. Also www.westonprice.org, "Nourishing Traditions" link. This book also available from www.chapters.ca for $25 or less.)
It's amazing when you eat the foods that actually benefit your body, instead of the toxic, poisonous junk that our society is addicted to, what can happen.

News flash: Butter is good for you! I use only whole milk, loads of butter, whipping cream in my tea (which I know isn't good for me--the tea, I mean--but I've allowed myself ONE old habit!) No trans or hydrogenated fat, use only soaked or sprouted whole-grain flour instead of the nutrient-blocking stuff that is used to make pretty much every whole-grain concoction on the market. And STAY AWAY FROM REFINED SUGAR! This toxic substance not only causes your teeth to rot from the inside by throwing off the delicate calcium-phosphorus balance in your body (it actually draws calcium OUT of your bones!) and causing fluids to seep INTO your teeth instead of OUT, it also knocks your immune system out! I think it's something like 1 teaspoon of refined sugar knocks your immune system down by 50% for 4 hours or something. I'll check on that so I can put the right number in here.

My husband is yelling at me that he's tired of waiting, and he's starting the movie without me, so I better go.

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  1. Hey, T! That's awesome. It's funny ... I just woke up and I actually thought, "I wonder if Talena is still on the Maker's Diet?" Five minutes later I am sitting here reading your blog. :) Fast answer! I didn't agree with everything in the book but I liked the gist of it very much - more than almost any book I'd read on diet and health. It just seemed logical. So, I guess I have my answer as well as my encouragement to get going! Thanks girl! And congrats on the bathroom scale doubletake.


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