My Compliments; Dr. Strange, part 2

Thursday, March 16, 2006

"I can live for two months on a good compliment," said Mark Twain.

I would have to agree with him.

I got a compliment this morning that totally made my day.

Thanks, Dad.


By the way, want some laughs? While trying to find the exact wording of the above quote, I stumbled onto this page. Don't worry--if you don't have time to read them all, I was so tickled with the wisdom of Samuel Clemmens that you will probably see them popping up in here from time to time!


I forgot to put this in here earlier in the week:

Last Sunday, Jason and I were thinking we would invite someone over for lunch so we could get to know them a little better. We weren't sure whom to invite, though, so we decided to leave it open and see if we felt led to invite anyone specific while there.

Yet again, we did not get out the door in time for a service at the Pentecostal church, so we ended up going to the Baptist. (I think that's why they have so many young families there--they catch all the parents of young kids that seem to not get out the door before 10:45 in the morning!) And, as irony would have it, it was potluck Sunday at church.

So, we stayed there instead of having people over. Not exactly an opportunity to bond with any specific couple, but we got to make some new acquaintances.

As I was sitting at one of the tables feeding Jabin, and Jason was trying to contain the other two wild children while standing in line, I was a little chagrined to glance over at the next table and see--of all people!--Dr. Strange! Yikes! (See this post for reference.)

I've never been in the situation before where I see my family doctor on a regular basis OUTSIDE of his office! I squirmed for a minute--then got over it.

What else could I do?

I didn't get to meet them, but he's got a lovely wife and two young cute kids. I'm sure that they are a very nice couple--but now, the question is, do I really want to get to know the man outside of his office? Should we invite THEM over for dinner sometime?

I don't know if I'm THAT "over it" yet!

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  1. as long as the good doctor doesn't start reading you blog you should be okay.

  2. *Giggle.*

    I'll keep that in mind--don't tell him my blog URL!

    Tee hee!


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