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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here's some pics of the kids, taken at the park just behind our backyard fence last Wednesday, and also on our walk today. Due to the fact that one of the kids smeared oily little fingers all over my lens (which I didn't notice until just now when I was looking at these pics on my computer), there's a cool kind of "blurred" effect on some the pictures. (I especially like what it did to the one of Jabin. Of course, it wrecked a few photos, too. Oh, well.)

Jude looks so grown-up in this picture of him! He seems older than he actually is. Maybe because his wispy blond hair is hidden under his toque.

We have really been enjoying getting outside more now that the weather is nice and the sun is around for a few more hours a day. In the depths of winter, there were days that by the time it worked out for us to get outside, it was dark again already! Thank goodness I don't have a little apartment, or cabin fever would have set in pretty hard by now!

Today, I even started cleaning up the mess of boxes in the backyard, left there from moving. Of course, most of them are soggy from snow and ice, not to mention a few that had frozen to the patio. But I can't wait to get the mess GONE!

Guess we'll have to invest in some patio furniture this summer so we can take advantage of the nice patio we now have access to. Maybe a laptop will fall into my lap and I can work outside while watching the boys play! (Hah! Maybe my house will start cleaning itself, while I'm dreaming!)

Every night this week I have been/will be busy in my office, getting all my listings ready for a price change as of this Saturday in my store. I am so excited--this has been my best month ever for sales. Maybe I'll celebrate by taking Jason out on a date! (Don't tell--it's a surprise. Guess we'll see if he ever reads this, eh?)

Quote of the Day:

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." - Mark Twain

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  1. Just to confirm: I am a geek. If you're wondering who voted that your blog was terrible it was me. I just thought it was funny. Now it won't let me vote that it's excellent which it is because I visit it all the time in hopes of hearing about more about you and your world. I'm at work so I will have to go home and vote from there. Maybe then it will let me tell you I think it's great. Like I said: I'm a geek.


  2. Hey, congrats on your business doing well. I thought Jude looked older than he is in that picture too. I'm glad you confirmed that cuz I thought, "man, he looks like a 5 year old!"

  3. Colleen, you're too funny. At first when I got the poll notification that someone voted "terrible", I thought, "Well, I did ask!"

    I can't remember, but I might have it set up that you can only vote once per day.

    Your comment made me giggle, anyway, (and let my self-esteem rise out of the gutter again--LIKE THE PHOENIX! Okay, so I'm being a little dramatic!)

    Ang, good to hear from you. Been peeking in at your blog, and not seeing a lot of change. How're things? You coming home for Easter?


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