Highlights from a Saturday

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The best things about today:

  • Warm weather
  • Finally getting to meet some neighbours (and their kids--our kids had a blast with them)
  • The SMELL of a Michael's Arts and Crafts store
  • This sign:

  • Mini-van, SUV and Truck Row as I came out of Home Depot. (Okay, the one outside of Wal-Mart was better--it was ALL mini-vans and SUVs--but I forgot to take a picture of THAT!)
That little red van is ours. I've never lived someplace where there are so many mini-vans and larger SUVs in every parking lot--not even Red Deer had this many. That fact alone is probably a testament to the length of the winters up here--everyone needs a bigger, more rugged vehicle to haul all 3+ of their children through the snow, which they wouldn't have had in the first place if the winters weren't so darn long!
  • Starbuck's Tall Blended Coffee Java Chip Frappuccino
  • Jason getting the yard cleaned up
  • The Spring/Summer edition of Vogue Knitting
  • Seeing geese, ducks, bison, crows, a hawk, and 2 wild boar, plus all the wildlife in the CITY, too!
  • Jude making up songs while helping Daddy with the yardwork
  • Listening to Great Big Sea's album "Play" in the van (Still my favourite album of theirs.)
  • Getting to sit, knit, and relax with my honey while watching a really great movie at the end of it all. (This is the second time Jason and I have rented movies since moving up here.)

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  1. i like the things you like. love that sign. :) and HELLO! i am still on holidays. i've just left my parents place in kelowna and went to my younger brother's wedding yesterday. it's been cool to see sooooooo many people and frustrating too cuz i just can't have all the time in the world with everyone like i'd like to. anyhoo! just using my niece's computer, will dash away and spend a few more minutes with them before i head to my friend shari's for a few days. egads! i will stop writing - that's what my blog is for. by the way ... i love this blogging thing. i love how i can keep up to date with thee now. hip hip!

  2. I love blogging, too--love reading yours, as you know!


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