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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tonight, my husband called me the Blog Queen.

We don't get TV. So sue me. At least when I'm reading someone's blog, it's about a real person's real, unscripted life, and maybe even relationship-enhancing between said person and myself (if I comment on their blog, they comment on mine, and we actually have some cyber-conversations going.)

At any rate, I have discovered the wonder of sharing my friends. It's so fun to know that my friends are making friends because I linked to them. Otherwise what the heck is the point of all those fun links down the side of the page? And who are these people, anyway? And why the heck should you care?

So, in case you were wondering any or all of the above questions, I shall enlighten you! :-)

Snowed Inn - This blog belongs to my friend Colleen (and supposedly Mark, although I think she has as yet to talk him into posting anything. At all.) Mark is my second-cousin and one of Jason's best buds from way back, and although I had only met Colleen a few times before their wedding (which was only months after ours, in 2000), it has been wonderful to get to know her. By the way, it was her quirky blog that inspired me to start a weblog of my very own. Thanks, Colleen! Just think of all the fun I would have missed out on if you hadn't been likewise inspired by your own friend!

Ang Winters - Ang is my favourite sister-in-law. (Okay, since my brother is as-yet unmarried, it's pretty safe to say that!) Ang wishes she could post more often, but she thinks she has nothing interesting to say. Okay, Ang, here's a few lines to get your muse's butt out of bed:

"My favourite thing that happened today was..."
"If I could do anything I wanted for a whole day, I would..."
"I met the most interesting person the other day..."
"My sister-in-law is so great, because she..." (Tee hee!)

If any of you have any other great writer's-block-breakers, feel free to leave them in my comments section. (Ang, make sure you check back there later!)

Amanda Magnusson - Amanda has been one of my closest friends since the first day of grade one, when we sat facing each other in the quirky desk formation the teacher started us in. (I just used the word "quirky" for the second time in one post! Yes, I noticed, but I'm not going to change it!) Her blog, which has been mournfully neglected, was actually the very first blog I ever read. Before that, I had never heard the word. Due to the frustrations of dial-up, (not to mention her busy life), she rarely posts, but when she does, it's a good read!

Following The Herd - Peggy Sue found me through Colleen's blogroll, and we have been reading each other ever since. It was only recently that I found out that Peggy Sue and I have actually met once, at a Pampered Chef show I did (when I was still selling for them) WAY back in 2002. That was a fun incidental. Anyway, this Yellowknifer is in the middle of moving to Prince Alberta, SK. No short haul! Good luck with the move, Mrs. Herd!

Kristin's Quiet Times - A school teacher (of junior-high age group, I think) with a gift for poetry, I found her blog one night while I was cruising, and just keep reading it. It often seems her posts are a "word in season" for me, and even when they are not, they are just a good read.

Mama Says So - I found Rohini's blog through another mutual blog we both read and comment on. She is a yearling mom of one little boy, and even though she lives in Mumbai, India, I found we have a lot we can relate on together. Rohini also has a knack with words, and a great sense of humour. (Having a kid will do that to ya'--either you find your sense of humour, and exercise those laugh muscles A LOT, or you go crazy. I hear the white jackets are very stylish, though!)

egg in spoon - A recent addition to blogs I read, thanks to Colleen. I love Jill's way with words! The mark of a good writer--to take the commonplace, everyday, and humdrum, and turn it into something interesting and humourous. (Come to think of it, that's also the mark of a good comedien(ne).) I look forward to reading her posts! (Might even get through the archives, if I ever have time.)

Crazy Hamlin Household - I have been reading Beth's blog almost as long as I've been a blogger--another one of my cruising finds. Even though this woman has four of her own children, and is also raising her niece and nephew, plus working full-time, she still finds time to post nearly every day. How do you do it, Beth? PLUS she scrapbooks! Guess you need that release after one of your crazy days, eh? [Aside to my American readers: Notice the judicious use of the word "eh." It is generally not used after a question, such as "How's the weather, eh?" Instead, it most often turns a sentence that would otherwise have been a statement into a question. End aside.]

Winters Distributing - Blog - This is total self-pimpage of my business blog. Still having a hard time figuring out what to do with it exactly. I am hoping that eventually this will be a great tool to enhance my eBay business. Any constructive suggestions would be appreciated.

So, that's my Blogroll. (Another word I had never heard until today!)

It is now 11:21 p.m. If I stop typing now, I can be sleeping before midnight. I think I better do it! My contacts are starting to dry out!

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  1. Love this post...seeing who you read and why! I am surprised to see that you've read my blog for so that you post on it. It feels good to have encouragement from others!!! I may not comment often on yours, by the time I update mine I'm ready for bed, but I'm there reading, trust me :)

  2. Hey, this weekend is Historymaker!!! Bahh! I have so much to do and so little time to do it. Anyways, I'll try to post soon, but it'll have to wait until after the weekend.
    Thanks for the ideas though!

  3. Beth - Hey, I totally understand the not commenting. That's why you don't always hear from me, either. Yikes, I've been getting too bed way too late as it is.

    Ang - I wasn't chastising you! Just expanding on your comment of the other day! I know you're busy! I am looking forward to the rundown of the weekend, though. 'Til then!

  4. Thaankd for the compliment and for introducing me to some new reading material.


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