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Friday, May 19, 2006

I just found this blog through egg in spoon (see below), and I'm already hooked. Check it out--ESPECIALLY, you, Colleen! She loves children's books and A.A. Milne, too!

Jill, I left it in the comments on Kelly's blog (which in retrospect, may have been a silly thing to do), but I'll say it again here in case you don't catch it there: You have the coolest blog links on your site. Thank you for sharing your friends!

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  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the shout-out, missy. I'm definitely a glutton for The Attention, as long as it doesn't involve paying taxes or babysitting small childr... wait... you have 3 under the age of 3? Okay, I'll watch your kids if you give me chocolate. Or, here's an idea: pay my taxes! Either way. :o)

  2. You are so great! The make friends, make connections part of this blogging thing took me MONTHS to grasp. I just wasn't expecting it. But I think ultimately, it's the biggest gift of this endeavor and I'm grateful for your presence in my online world. And yes, I commented back to you on Kelly's site, something to the effect of I always, always meet the best people. I'm just lucky that way. ;)

  3. Yes, I've been visiting kelly belly for a few weeks now. Very enjoyable. She sounds like a walking ray of sunshine! :)

  4. Kelly - Pay your taxes. Hmm. Are you sure you want to be as behind on the tax situation as I am? Chocolate I can handle!

    Jill - I never knew what greater blogging community was mine for the exploring when I started, but am really revelling in the new friendships that are developing, as well as the creative outlet that blogging allows. As a mom with young kids, I finally get to have the adult "conversations" throughout the day that I have been craving. And when they say "Opposites attract", it definitely is not referring to quality of people--which is why I think you attract so many great people! (Ditto to my other friends, 'cause this applies to all of you, bloggers or not!)

    Colleen - Shoulda guessed. Next time, you give me the nudge, okay? ;-)


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