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Friday, May 19, 2006

I wasn't going to post today, but I feel strangely compelled, like my day wouldn't be complete without it. Does that mean I am developing an addiction?

To the coffee addict who was seriously skewing the results of my last mini-poll: I think you need help. Possibly from a professional. Either that, or you have the same problem as me--not able to get to bed before 1 a.m. Just kidding. I just couldn't help but laugh when I saw your IP address come up on the vote almost every day! (However, Chocolate still ran a close second!)

Results of my last mini-poll:

Edit: Bleepity-bleep Blogger! Now it's putting this great big gap before my neatly-coded table, and I can't figure out why! I might have to try and fix it tomorrow. It's just way too late right now.

Further edit: I don't know what the heck is wrong. Blogger doesn't like my html, I guess. It looks fine in the Preview! Please continue to scroll down through the Sahara Gap until you reach the table.

Nothing better than...
5.Roast Beef & Potatoes16%
Total Votes: 17

Also, tonight I found this great site for digital scrapbook papers called Scrapgirls, LLC. I'm working on a new template for my blog, and needed some raw materials. My limited HTML skills are growing and expanding, I tell ya.

Jude's current favourite activity is playing outside with the water hose, and also watering all my planters (I am mainly doing container gardening this year, as I do not currently have the resources to give this yard the help it needs. I am just now getting the yard cleaned up to a decent level.) If he doesn't drown all my plants, I ought to have the lushest garden of my life--and a water bill to go with it!

Jason played baseball again tonight. He plays Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't think they've won once. I sense he is somewhat disappointed in this, but he is still having fun. To me, that's the important part. (I wonder if he feels the same?)

Lastly--I CLEANED MY DESK TONIGHT!! I am sitting here with actual visible workspace in front of me! This has not happened for a while. I prefer to have it this way, but somehow since we moved it has been difficult to maintain, mostly because I am still trying to figure out where the "Its Place" part is for everything in Its Place. However, there were some definite Its Place's uncovered tonight, which therefore allowed me to uncover the cherrywood veneer of my desktop as well. (I still have one more pile to work through, but that can wait!)

I'm getting so organized now, I might just break out and do my taxes soon! (Oops--did I type that out loud?)

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  1. heh heh. hee hee heh. mwa ha! HA! OH MWA HA HAA HAAAAA! HEH! gasp* gurk. AhA,. Aaaah. ha. heh. whew.
    Hmmm. I'm ... kinda ... thirsty ... for ... something.

    see ya latte. heh heh.

  2. A clean desk? I'm jealous...and hopeful!

  3. Anon.--I have my suspicions who you are, but I have a feeling that posting that Classified information might get me shot, so I'll just keep my surmises to myself.

    Beth--Go, Beth, go!


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