Some Days It's Hard to be Radical

Friday, May 26, 2006

Yesterday, self-doubt kept wandering in and out of my mind with little regard to my attempts to block it. Just when I thought that I had put up enough signs, chains, and road-blocks that I could start focusing on something else, BAMMO! it was sneaking back in around the edges of my thoughts, interfering with my activities and making me question myself.

It all started at Jabin's six-month checkup. Dr. Strange, who has somehow magically morphed into Dr. Unger-the-not-so-strange-
goes-to-my church-to-boot, again politely addressed the topic of immunization. So nicely, though. He's really a very good doctor--methodical, wanting to make sure he doesn't forget to cover something, even though this is my third baby, and very gentle. Then, how he gently addressed the fact that "they" say you should not give your baby egg yolks until one year, but I could start cereals right away, after I told him that Jabin had been receiving an egg yolk a day for over a month now. (I lost my nerve and somehow "forgot" to mention that the formula he is now drinking is actually *gasp* home-made! From *whispers in case someone might be listening* raw milk!!)

He must think I'm pretty brazen--this young house-wife bucking the medical system and conventional knowledge and his advice based on 7 years of medical school to do this crazy, radical thing like feed my baby--and my family--traditional foods.

However, while most people would acknowledge that the changes we have made to our family's diet just seem to have a certain logic to them, even if they are not willing to make those changes themselves, there is such a stigma to what you CAN and CANNOT feed your baby. Also, as a good parent, who wants to mess up their precious baby's body in that vulnerable first year? So we do what the all-knowing "they" tells us is best--start feeding cereals between 4-6 months, then fruits and vegetables (but usually commercially-made ones, since that's just as good as home-made, right?), and using commercial baby formula, possibly even soy-based for the vegans among us. Meats and eggs, and other animal protein foods, are the last to be given.

Alas, I have discovered, like in so many other areas, the scientific evidence has been slanted by a media that does not get its facts straight, and food processing companies and baby food manufacturers that do not make any profit from moms who want to feed their babies healthful, whole foods that they make at home.

However, although I knew all this, my self-confidence was shaken yesterday in the face of all of my doctor's qualifications. If only I knew of other babies who had successfully followed this feeding program. If only I could tell him in cohesive but provable terms why we do not vaccinate our children.

So last night, long after I should have gone to bed, I started poking around on the internet, peeking into different things, especially the corners of the Weston A. Price Foundation site, which I have not had a huge amount of time to explore up until now. The WAPF was started by Sally Fallon, one of the co-authors of Nourishing Traditions, the nutritional cookbook I use every day. This is the cookbook I had taken my baby-feeding information from.

And I found exactly what I was looking for. A gallery of photos and testimonials of healthy, happy babies that had been raised using the same principles my family now adheres to. Not only that, I found two other articles that I intend to print off and present to my doctor as reading material about what the REAL scientific evidence says about what babies thrive on, and also the dangers of vaccination.

Even though I had not formed my naggling thoughts into any specific prayer for assistance, Father God looked down on His child and confirmed that just because I may be a radical, politically incorrect by the standards of the Enlightened era in which I live, that does not mean I am wrong.

He re-affirmed to me that He designed our bodies, and the food for us to eat, and neither of those things has changed in all the millenia we have been in existence on this planet. We have not evolved into creatures that subsist better on man-made cocktails than the whole foods He created for us to consume since the beginning of time.

He reminded me that more often than not, following His plan DOES label one as a radical. And I am in good company.

So although I am sure there will always be days when it's hard (explaining to my pre-schooler for the umpteenth time in the grocery store line that no I will NOT buy him any candy), I guess being radical is okay.

So then, I went to bed.

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  1. The no vaccinations policy seems a bit radical to me. But that's probably because most of them are compulsory here and the changes of contracting those diseases too is much higher in India.

    In India, there is not too much commercial baby food other than cereals. So most of the food Ayaan has eaten from start has been home prepared. We do get imported Gerber food bottles but I only use them when I need to feed Ayaan on the go.

    Also, the doctors here do not advise against milk. Ayaan never had formula and after the age of six months, I slowly started replacing breast milk with cow milk and yoghurt.

    Mostly, the doctors here still recommend the traditional foods and at 9 months, I was totls to introduce Ayaan to whatever we were eating minus the chillies.

  2. I'm SOOOO proud of you for the steps you have taken. It's a hard path to follow when you feel on your heels having to explain yourself. I find I'm learning so much but having a hard time remembering the whys of what I'm learning so I have a hard time describing to others the reasons I'm doing what I'm doing. You are doing WELL and keep on. What Rohini said in the blurb above goes to show that there are indeed other ways and better answers. Right answers. Thanks for all the encouragement.


  3. Hey T,
    I think it is great that you are taking all these steps and you inspire me to make better choices for my family. All my kids were vaccinated and they survived, but I also think that you have done your homework and I applaud your choice to do what you think is right by your family. I believe you wil be rewarded for that
    You go Radical Girl

  4. Thank you all for your encouraging comments! No wonder I love you guys!

    Rohini--I actually believed they were compulsory here, too, until Noah had received his 4-month shot. Goes to show how much propaganda is out there about them.

    Over here, if you tell someone you drink your milk raw, everyone starts worrying that you might not be doing the best thing for your health. If only they knew the truth. It's probably a good thing there are no commercial baby foods there--even the cereals is probably too much. Helps keep your population healthier (at least for those who can afford a well-balanced, healthy diet.)

    Colleen--It was so good to talk to you today. Thank you SO MUCH for calling! I just encourage you to keep on keepin' on--you'll start remembering, the more you re-read. I learn stuff myself every time I post info on this blog, or re-read something in Nourishing Traditions. It's a process.

    Peggy Sue--Music to my ears. Thanks for letting me know that yes, I am making a difference and helping other people. We all need people to draw on for inspiration.

    My kids survived the vaccinations they did receive, too, but the point is that there are so many that do not survive, and I didn't want to risk that any more for my children once I started finding out the facts. I had initially stopped vaccinating because of the associations with autism, but now, after reading that article the other night, I have so many more reasons to not vaccinate, and so much evidence, I will never again be ashamed to tell anyone that we choose not to vaccinate and why--Ph.D. be darned! (What got me is that most cases of certain diseases in the US are actually CAUSED by the vaccines that are supposed to prevent them. Who ever thought this was a good idea?)

    Bless you all!


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