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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today, I:

  • Finished potting my bedding plants
  • Converted the vanity we ripped out of one of our bathrooms when we first moved in here into a planting counter on our patio, by replacing the countertop and sink with a couple of re-purposed, albeit warped, pieces of plywood I found in the back shed and stapling a $2.98 vinyl tablecloth to it.
  • Finished a gift album I made for my friend Christa, who just had a baby in March
  • Finished the layout I started the other night after receiving my new printer: (Blogger is not letting me upload it right now--I'll do an edit and add it later. Man, I just spent the last 45 minutes editing the silly thing, too!) Edit: To heck with blogger! It's still not cooperating! Oh, well, you can view the page here. It is the one called "Life Is Sweet." And as an aside, you can also reach this gallery at any time from the "My Scrapbook Brag Pages" link in my sidebar.
  • Got the kids to play outside for most of the day. It's amazing what warm weather and a water hose can do to entertain!
  • Cast off on this fast and snappy wrap-around shrug I've been working on--again. The first time, I could barely wrap it around my neck, let alone my body. I had to add a good 20 inches extra! Are my arms really that gorilla-like? Are my proportions that much more lanky than normal women? Apparently so. I made the "Regular" size, which said to knit until you reach 75 inches. The "XL" said to knit to 80. I must have at least a 95-inch length going on. Oh, well. It's long enough now, and that's the important thing. Should have it sewn up and fringed by the weekend. (Especially since we have the movie "Rent" sitting by the DVD player, and it has to be back by Saturday--so I thinkFriday night will be movie/knit night!
I still have a pile of laundry on my sofa, but at least it's from a whole new week. The plugged toilet has been unplugged, due to the rental of a plumbing snake. The bathtub has been fixed. So, although my ongoing renovation project is still leaving my house a bit topsy-turvy, at least my life is becoming a little less chaotic.

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  1. Love the layout, and I want to knit!!! I have meant for the last year to learn how, but haven't found the time yet. Someday! You'll have to post a pic of the shrug too...can't wait to see it!

  2. I once dedided to knit myself a scarf. A year later, it was the size of a hanky!

    I feel sad that I have no artistic talents. My mother's house is littered with things things that my brother made in Crafts class. All she's got from me is a woollen hanky and a half-finished tablemat...

  3. Beth- Gee, have you been busy or something? - There will definitely be postage of shrugs happening.

    Rohini - That's how I felt about knitting when my Grandma tried to teach me at the age of 5. Then, suddenly, at age 23, I felt this surge of renewed interest. (Probably due to the popularity of knit fasion garments.) So, I reminded myself via the internet.

    I am sure you have many other talents other than artistic ones. For instance, I am not sure I would enjoy your job. Yet, you seem to be quite attached. (Not as attached as before mommyhood, I understand!)


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