Tuckered Out

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sigh. That was a sigh of satisfaction, but utter exhaustion.

Have you been noticing a theme in my posts lately? Like the fact that I am completely fatigued most of the time?

All together now: "TALENA, GO TO BED!"

Yah, yah, I will, as soon as I get my day out in neat serif font.

Today I had lunch at Robin Berreth's house. I met Robin at the first Scrapbooking Day I attended at the Baptist Church here in town, and I see her occasionally at church. However, right from our first meeting I knew she was someone I wanted to get to know better. I actually had her in here for lunch sometime in early April-ish (the day I came down with strep throat, so I remember the day well, just not the exact date), but have barely seen her since, mostly due to the fact that we have only made it to that church one time since then, I think.

We both love scrapbooking, stamping (she's actually a Stampin' Up! consultant), cooking, and she is a country girl like me. Her two boys are both only slightly older than mine, and she has a third baby due in early July. When she had lunch here I gave her a copy of The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin--she called me the next day to tell me she had already read three chapters!

Today, when I went out to their farm, she showed me the milk cow they bought last night, as well as filled me in on their plans to raise meat birds this summer in a portable chicken coop so they can be truly grass-fed birds! In other words, she's converted. (Muwhahahaha! *evil cackling continues under my breath*) Bonus for me: I think she's going to let me buy some of the chickens after they butcher. I can fill up my freezer and be good for most of the winter, I think. That's really great, because I had found a source for organic beef, but not chickens.

Anyone wondering what the heck I'm on about really needs to check out The Maker's Diet and Weston A. Price Foundation links in my sidebar. It is the only diet I've ever seen that actually makes sense to me. Our family switched when I was at the end of my first trimester with Jabin, and we have been healthier, in general, than ever before. When we do get sick, it passes quickly. A nice perk for me: my body (not my baby) LOST weight while I was pregnant! I am now down to my high-school skinny size! I'm not saying this to brag, just to tell you--this diet really works. I wasn't dieting to lose weight, just to feel and be healthier, and to give my baby the best start possible. The weight loss was a nice side-bonus.

So, now I have joined Jordan Rubin on his mission to change the health of North America. (He doesn't know that, though. Maybe I should send him a postcard or something! :-) Seriously, I could probably become an affiliate somehow, just haven't checked it out in detail.) That is why I post all kinds of wacky recipes and health information on my blog. In case you were wondering.

The one part of the diet I really need to work on still: getting to sleep before midnight. Apparently (and I've heard it from more than just this book) every minute of sleep before midnight counts like 4 afterwards. So if I got to bed at 11 p.m. every night, it would be like getting an extra 4 hours sleep! I've also heard that your body heals itself best while you sleep between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 or 3 a.m., and people who regularly stay awake during those hours (i.e. people who work the night shift, or who blog at crazy hours of the morning) develop all kinds of health problems. A phrase that runs through my head almost daily is "Sleep: The Essential Non-Nutrient", which is the title of the chapter on this subject in Dr. Rubin's book.

I'm working on it--sometimes I do better than others. Tonight is obviously hooped. But I'm going to bed RIGHT NOW! So GOODNIGHT! already.

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  1. Hey Girl - I just read your comment on Laurie D's blog. You did a pampered chef party for Colleen! I was a that party so while you may not have met Laurie I actually remember meeting.

    That Colleen H. brining people together all over the world

  2. Hi Talena,

    Thanks for your comments on my last blog post! I probably won't have time for a full-on knitting tour over there, but I will be meeting up with some knitters, at least in London.

    You're so right about the best two days of any job! :)


  3. Peggy Sue--Just found out your name from your last blog post. The name is familiar--can't really see you in your profile shot. You'll have to hand your camera to someone else occasionally so you can get into your banner photos!

    Parikha--I hope you have a great time in Europe! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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