The Wonders of Bee Pollen

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I've long known the benefits of using raw, unprocessed, and unheated honey. I just didn't know why.

So, on a recent search for a new source of raw honey in my new locale of Peace River, I discovered that the local massage therapist also has her own apiary, so I went into her shop in search of this wonderful sugar substitute. While standing and waiting for her to be finished with her client, I picked up an information page she had sitting there from this website.

This is an excerpt from Envirobee's homepage:

"'The life-giving dust', as bee pollen was called long ago by the Greeks and the Romans, has been provided by the amazing honey bee. This beneficial natural food supplement was eaten to acquire eternal youth. In our modern times, science shows that bee pollen, that wondrous yet mysterious nectar, indeed has natural rejuvenating powers, and also aids beauty, boosts energy, extends life span, fights allergies (and possibly even cancer) and relieves digestive disorders. By increasing the body's healing power, the body can help build resistance to disease.'

Well, considering my years-long struggle with psoriasis, I figured it was worth a shot--not to mention I can use all the energy I can get to help me keep up with all the things I try to cram into my life.

Well, let me say--this stuff is FREAKIN' AWESOME!! The trick is to buy it from local bees, so that you get the enzymes you need to deal with your own environment. But I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my energy levels, from the day I first started taking it. You do get a certain amount of pollen in raw honey, but this just accentuates the effects, I guess.

Try it. You'll like it. And if you don't, um, well, I don't know what will happen--you'll be out a few bucks, I guess. Either way, I'd be interested in hearing your results.

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  1. Hello, my T. I'm not sure if I can get something like that in the Knife from a local bee. If I partook of a foreign bee would it still bee beneficial?

  2. This comment is off topic, but I wish I could post as much as you do, but interesting stuff never happen to me. I never have anything to say.

  3. Colleen--I am sure you would still get some benefit--just maybe not the maximum amount possible. What, no one is raising bees in the rocks and tundra surrounding Yellowknife? What's wrong with these people?! Do you want me to snag you a bag and send it up? It's $10 for a sandwich bag stuffed to the gills (or, at least, where the gills would be if plastic bags had them.)

    Ang--BWAAAHHAAHAAA!!! C'mon, girl, I'm stuck at home with 3 babies all day, and you get to go out and talk to youth and answer phones and help people in crisis and plan major conferences and you never have interesting stuff HAPPEN to you? I think you just need to start looking at your day in a different light--I bet there's tons of stuff that you go through in the day that would be blog-worthy. I'll keep checking your blog to see if you find anything...



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