The "Good-Parts" Version

Monday, June 12, 2006

My favourite things about this last weekend:

  • Sleeping a little bit late.
  • Hanging out with Jason.
  • Getting my kitchen project that much closer to being done.
  • Playing with the kids.
  • Watching Jason play baseball--in the rain.
  • Noah's attraction to all the deepest puddles.
  • Finishing a scrapbook page.
  • Going to the Church Picnic and running in the three-legged race with Jay, (No, we didn't win, but we did okay), watching our kids be totally thrilled with the parachute games, and meeting new friends
  • Going for a quick visit at the Berreths afterwards and seeing their baby chickens (the boys loved this)

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  1. Lovely scrapbook layout - very happy and light!

    Sleeping in late...makes me drool at the thought. Have been up since 4 a.m.this morning after dropping mom to the airport!

  2. Rohini -- Where have you been? I've been missing you--checking your blog every day, wondering if you are on some holiday adventure.

    Thanks for the compliment on the layout--so nice to hear specifics, not the "Hmm, looks nice" I usually get from the only audience I have (guess who?)

    That's early. OH! I get it! You're mom's been visiting! That's why you've been too busy to blog!

    Welcome back! ;-)

  3. Fun times. I LOVED parachute games as a kid; what kid didn't?! I still can remember me and my little friends freaking out when out gym teacher would bring out the parachute in gym class. That thing was like magic.

  4. Ang -- I KNOW!! Tell ya' a secret--it was actually pretty fun for me as an adult the other day, too--and I didn't even get to be the cat or the mouse. Something about flapping that thing around, and all the cool ripples and waves, and then sitting underneath like it is a big tent. So easy to entertain am I!

  5. Hi. I was away at my mom's place and then she came back with me so I had a really hectic 10 days or so and didn't even have time to check in to the blog. I missed it though - amazing how much a part of my life my blog and those of others I read regularly have become.

  6. Rohini - I'm going away for the weekend, myself. Don't know if I'll be able to handle the withdrawals! ;-)


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