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Sunday, June 11, 2006

About Canola Oil
ADHD: Risky Treatment, Fruitful Prevention
Alternative to Flu Vaccine
Ants and Aspartame
Autism & Vaccines
A Word About Oils...

Benefits of Eating Eggs - Including raw ones!
Benefits of Homemade Mayo
Benefits of Superfoods: "You Mean I Don't HAVE To Be Sick?"

Breast Cancer: Racing For A Cure That Already Exists

Can't Beat the Real Thing - Eggs vs. Artificial Egg Replacement
The Case for Saturated Fats
Clogged Arteries? - Do saturated fats cause heart disease?
The Coca-Cola Myth--and the Truth - Why is it so bad for you, really?
Coffee and Tea: An Objective Look
Consequences of Sugar

Cook From Scratch--Fast!

Dangers of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Dangers of Sugar

Diseases and Toxins:
Diabetes Caused by Consuming Refined Foods
Diva Cup
Does Sunscreen cause skin cancer?

Eggs, Benefits of
Eggs - Can't Beat the Real Thing

Essential Oils

Fat Processing: Extraction (#1 in series)
Fat Processing: Hydrogenation (#2 in series)
Fat Processing: Homogenization (#3 in series)

Hazards of Chlorinated Water - find out how asthma and cancer are both related to drinking tap water


How To Protect Yourself From Cancer With Food

Is your cookware killing you? - Teflon vs. Cast Iron

Lipid Hypothesis - Is a low-fat diet actually good for you?

Microwave Ovens: The Curse of Convenience
Milk: Raw vs. Pasteurized
More Benefits of Raw Honey
MSG - A Slow Poison Could this be a root cause in the obesity epidemic?

Pass the Honey - Benefits of raw honey.

Raising a Whole Food Child In a Processed Food World
Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized - What's the difference?
The Real Scoop on Vaccination

Saturated Fat:

Say No to Crack(le, Snap, and Pop!) - Why you should switch away from cold cereal. Alternative breakfast foods.
The Scents of Heaven - about essential oils and ways I have used them.
So What's Wrong With Soda?
Soy Milk is Unhealthy


Sugar and Your Immune System
Sugar: Root cause of degenerative disease

Superfoods and Supplements:

Sweeteners, Natural:
Two Keys To Optimal Health

Vaccine Ingredients List

Whole Foods:

Why Butter Is Better
Why do I need Vitamin D?
Why is Alphalpha Toxic?
Why Not Soy Formula?
Why Sprout?
Will This Phage You? - about bacteriaphage on cold cuts
The Wonders of Bee Pollen
Would you like a Side of Radiation with that? - on irradiated food.

"You Mean I Don't HAVE To Be Sick?"--Benefits of Superfoods

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