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Monday, June 26, 2006

Well, the last mini-poll was my most-voted-on-by-far. Thank you to those who made it fun, even if you put a ridiculous number of votes on everything on there. Good to see you are well-rounded--either that or you can't make up your mind! ;-)

I'd Rather Be:

Camping: 6 - I could vote for this one right now. It's just way too hot to be in a house.

Knitting: 0 - (Dang, I forgot to vote on that one when I was in a knitting mood!)

Golfing: 13 - Hmmm...wonder who voted for golfing TEN TIMES?! You WON, already, okay?

Blogging: 0 - Admittedly, it was a little silly to put this one in here, since anyone reading it already was blogging!

Scrapbooking: 4 - I'm pretty sure the first 3 were me. Pretty sure the last one was Christa. C'mon, I know I have more scrapbookers than that reading this blog! 1 in 4 families in America has a scrapbooker in it! Stand up and be counted already!

Gaming: 1 - 'Kay, I have no idea who this was. One lone gamer who didn't want to be left out.

Playing poker: 12 - This was seriously skewed, too, but by several ISPs. Apparently, there are several people out there who feel passionately about poker. Okay, obviously, there are more than several people, since it's like this whole nation continent-wide phenomenon, but at least a few of them actually voted here.

Reading: 3 - I meant a book, people!

Watching TV: 3 - So glad this number came out so low. Renews my faith in humanity. Okay, that might be a bit extreme, but at least my blog is more interesting than a television program to all but three people! (Not sure what that says about my blog from those three, though.)

Riding: 2 - Well, I guess it's not quite the pastime that it used to be.

Total votes: 44

I realize that I should have had an "other" for all those circumstances not covered here, but I figured that with the variety of options available, most people could find something they wanted to vote on!

Check out the new mini-poll, now in its new home in my right side-bar. For a great list of catch-phrases that have become part of the popular culture, check out this page. The list is so long, it's Inconceivable! Really, I needed about another 5 mini-polls to get a really great selection going. Oh, well, like my momma always said, life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get. Know what I mean, Vern?

Man, I'm baked. My skin is assuming the pinkish tinge of a lobster fully cooked. I'm heading to the basement to cut trim for my kitchen. (Let's get dangerous!)

You may wonder, is this wise? I mean, I'm a housewife, not a carpenter! For God's sakes, Jim!

Holy Quotes, Batman! Can Talena overwork this any more?

Hasta la vista, Baby!

(Apparently she can.)

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  1. Laurie -- YAAY! Someone else with a love of scrapbooking! I'm so glad I was wrong! Thanks for letting me know!

    Hope all is well with you--hasn't been too much happening on your blog lately, so hard to tell.

    Bless you!



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