The Coca-Cola Myth--and the Truth. (Why is it so bad for you, really?)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My husband is so wonderful. He knows of my insatiable thirst for knowledge about healthy living and eating, so he routinely e-mails me interesting tidbits he comes across. Today, he e-mailed me this link:

I'm sure we've all had the e-mail land in our inbox that claims Coke is bad for you because the acid in it is used to clean vehicle motors. I found this article about it to be interesting, but wrong on one point:

" the Coca-Cola is harmless."

The reason Coke is so bad for you is triple: the caffeine, the sugar, and the phosphoric acid.

Please consider the following:

Myths and Truths About Osteoporosis (Do high protein diets cause bone loss?): "The late distinguished physician, Dr. Melvin Page, demonstrated that sugar consumption upsets the natural homeostasis of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Normally, these minerals exist in a precise ratio of ten to four. Sugar consumption causes serum phosphorus to decrease and calcium to rise. The excess serum calcium, which comes from the bones and teeth, cannot be fully utilized because phosphorus levels are too low. It is excreted in the urine or stored in abnormal deposits such as kidney stones and gallstones. Caffeine also upsets the natural balance of calcium and phosphorus, and causes increased calcium to be excreted in the urine. Phosphoric acid in soft drinks is a major cause of calcium deficiency in children and osteoporosis in adults. Aluminum from antacids, cans and pollution also contributes to bone loss."

This is true of any sugar-laden, caffeinated drink, but especially noticeable with soft drinks because of their wide-spread addictive use, and especially high sugar content.

In my opinion, they should be banned from schools, doctor's offices, and any public place, and not sold to anyone under the age of 18, just like other toxic drugs. (Hmm, I suppose the same could be said for coffee, although the sugar content is much lower. And supposedly, it actually has some redeeming qualities.)

Here is a site comparing the caffeine content of various sodas and drinks.

Am I giving up tea? No. But I have cut down. (Just in case anyone was wondering.)

Edit: Just in case you think you're doing your body a favour by opting for the sugar-free "diet" colas, or the new Coke C2, which all replace sugar with aspartame, please check out this page: Aspartame Toxicity Information Centre. If I have a choice between an artificial sweetener and sugar, with no natural sweeteners in sight, I'll take the sugar every time.

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  1. Ah, the wonders of soft drinks! I have long hated them. My excuse is that the carbonation makes my nose tickle and that if I drink them flat that are cloying. But the reality lies in what you have said. They are GROSS. There is no substitute to good old fashioned water. And the occasional cup of tea, sans sugar, because it does have some good effects. My kids aren't going to get to drink cola with any regularity.

  2. I agree with Jenn. Blech. Although I do like a good nose tickling but if I want that there's mineral water.

  3. You've got it girl!! I'll take real over the synthetic stuff (just like in my saddle pads :). But keeping the sugar to a minimum and just enjoying the natural sweetness that God put in lots of our food is my plan for living until the Lord comes!!
    Love you!
    PS. Herb tea requires no sweetening (a little honey if you insist) and has NO caffeine!!!

  4. I stopped drinking sodas about 4 years ago and do not miss them at all! In fact, my choice drink now is water, with an occasional glass of green tea (decaf). My sugar consumption has also drastically decreased (to the point of very little!) since I was diagnosed with cancer the second time two years ago. Sugar has been proven to feed those nasty cancer cells and I run from it! Works for me! Thanks for your blog - I love to stop by and read what you're sharing.

  5. Jenn - Good for you. No wonder you stick around here--we seem to have the same view on so many things! Thanks for the comment--I think I have to start accustomizing myself to unsweetened tea. Even using a natural sweetener, it can get to be too much.

    Colleengirl - Do you wiggle your nose when it tickles? I bet that would be cute.

    Mom - Mais, bien sur, natural sugar is best. And I forgot to put in my post that if artificial or real sugar is the only sweetener available for certain things, I'll often just skip them altogether.

    Too bad herbal tea didn't taste as good as it smells. Although I will imbibe it on occasion. Especially when I have a sore throat--peppermint and licorice tea does wonders for that.

    Denise - My mom (the same one I just commented to one paragraph up) also had cancer, and so she had alerted me to the cancer-feeding properties of sugar long before I started wising up on my own diet. She managed to overcome her cancer naturally, with no mastectomies or chemo, through diet, and some dramatic lifestyle changes. Through the changes I have made in my diet, I am hoping to prevent going there at all.

    Thanks for stopping by. I usually keep up on yours, too, but have been too crazy-busy this week. We'll get back there next week (I hope!)

  6. hi again!! am back after a while !! ys i do agree that coke is definately harmful...its like smoking.. people love it.. but it kills them eventually.

  7. Grafx! I've been wondering about you! I had hoped some dastardly event didn't befall you that prevented you from blogging. I'll have to check you blog and see what you've been up to!

    See, smoking is another one. You know, with the addictiveness and harmfulness of pop, I'm surprised the government hasn't decided they need to have a monopoly on it, or something! (Or at least tax it heavily, as they do tobacco. At least in Canada.)

  8. Do you know, I don't even consume soft drinks at parties anymore? I can't remember the last time I drank Coke or any other fizzy drink.
    We never used to have them at home except when we had guests over and it was summer and luckily, I didn't start drinking coke when I left home for uni. I can't have the long life juice either which is cheaper at the supermarket. I drink 3 things - fresh juice, milk or water. I think between the two of us, my sister and I drink consume 5 litres of milk a week.

  9. Hey this was interesting! I'm off the pop now and when I want something I've found Diet Right made with splenda instend of aspertame, for me this is the better choice when I want to treat myself to a pop!

  10. What a helpful blog topic. We bring so many illnesses on ourselves. It sure can be challenging to eat healthy in this modern world. It seems as though the food market is trying to kill us.
    Thank you!
    If you read the provided link about artificial sweeteners, it discusses the toxicity of Splenda also.


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