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Saturday, July 22, 2006

There's a new pirate in town.

Jude's favourite movie recently is "Hook", so yesterday I bought him pirate gear at the dollar store, stuck a bandana on his head, and he's in little-boy heaven. We also rented "Return to Neverland" yesterday. This morning, he was wanting to watch any movie that is even slightly pirate-related--VeggieTales Jonah, Ultimate Silly Songs (both with The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything), even Lyle the Kindly Viking!

As I type, I can hear Jason giving Jude lessons in how to say "AAARRRGH!!" And sword fighting.

Being a kid is so much fun.

Heather Anne, I thought you'd want to know that I was training my kids up right. ;-)

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  1. Hehe, I never dressed up as a pirate but I can imagine how much fun it must be!

    Actually, that's an excellent idea for a party - A Pirate Party with drinks (haha, hoorah for being adults) that pirates drink!

    Thanks! ^_^

  2. Hooray! He's the cutest pirate I have ever seen! :)

  3. I love it! Wasn't dressing up fun as a kid? Confession - I played imagination games probably until I was 14 or 15. I'd be out in the woods with friends and we would be lost princesses trying to find our way home or something. Hmmmm. That sounds like my life still in a way ....

  4. Jenn - Thanks! I'm submitting his acting portfolio for POTC IV. ;-D

    Ace - You know, I'd had that thought about the party, but more along the lines of a kids birthday party. If Jude's still on a pirate kick by his next birthday, that's what we'll do. (Not to mention we also have "Treasure Planet" sitting in the gift closet awaiting the fourth birthday, too, so it would be perfect.

    Rohini - :-D

    Heather Anne - I think I would have to agree with you, in spite of Orlando.

    Colleen - I would also take flights of fancy such as that until quite late in my life. (See all my references to faeries.) Princess was common, as was mermaid princess, plus just different roles where I was grown-up, beautiful, popular, and always got the cute boy I had a crush on.

    Imagination is such a wonderful tool.

    Are you still trying to find your way home, Princess C?

  5. Hi Thanks for the nice comments on the dog blog Talena, hey how about this, your son grows up and acts in the musical that you composed.
    I saw a lot of pirate kids outside the theatre when I went to watch it... they were quite a bit older than Jude though... 14 or thereabouts I'd have guessed.

  6. Home is where I'm heading. Then I can get changed out of this getup and put on the real thing. :)

  7. Mosilager - Hmm, yes, Jude will not be watching Pirates of the Carribean for some time yet--we have let him see the first one right up until the pirates start showing up and doing their "skeleton in the moonlight" trick, but that was awhile ago. However, someday I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Colleen - I'd like to see that.

  8. Hey Jude is so cute!! Pirates are so popular right now Rees is loven them too must be the movies although I've not seen them because I'm to chicken to watch those movies. I did how ever read a good book in March for bible school called Hanging the Pirates. It taught about how to get rid of different piratres that come into our lives and rob us of our joy, peace, happiness ect.

  9. You will, T. cuz you'll be there, too. =)

  10. Plus, he has the male model thing down perfectly. haha!

  11. Christa - Sounds like a cool book. How's Bible school going, anyway? I thought you graduated--are you going for a masters, or something?

    Colleen - Whee! I love princess dresses. Oh, were you referring to the angellic robes and harps while on clouds outfit?

    Kelly - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not! :-D


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