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Friday, August 04, 2006

I realize that in the many activities surrounding our family, Jabin can get lost in the shuffle a little. Not really--he's always present, always watching, soaking in information like a sponge. But because he is so little, and not saying or doing anything especially new or cute (meaning, nothing we haven't seen twice before,) I don't always remember to report on the momentous occasions that do occur. I am sure any mother with two or more children can relate.

So, this post is devoted to Jabin.

Other signs that Jabin is a third baby:

1. I have no idea what his current height and weight are. He has his nine-month check in two weeks--I assume I'll find out then.

2. He is 8 1/2 months old. I don't know how old he is by weeks or days. 8 1/2 months is as close as I'll get.

3. This is the first time I downloaded photos into the computer in at least two weeks, and although a fair number of the photos were about Jabin, the entire haul was maybe thirty pics. (Kodak Easyshare is being stupid right now and won't let me open to check for sure.)

However, here are some recent landmarks in Jabin's life:

  • He is now eating two solid meals a day: lunch and supper. He recently started getting blended up "adult food" in his diet, for certain things--cream soups and stews, specifically. Not just veggies and meat dishes, anymore. Also, for those two meals, he finally started eating enough that he usually only has a few ounces of formula, if any, after eating up the "real" stuff. (This is a picture of Jabin enjoying some beets a couple of weeks ago. You can click on any photo to see it larger.)
  • After a really lousy day on Tuesday, where my arm became permanently cramped because he did not want to be off my hip for any waking minute (I was wishing I had me a sling in the worst way), he cut his most recent two teeth--the top middle ones. That makes for a grand total of six. You can see the most prominent, by right of being first, in this totally cute picture of him.
  • He is sitting up fairly well now, most of the time, but I still only let him sit on his own if he is surrounded by a blanket, or more commonly, his little moon-shaped ducky pillow. (Here he is lounging in the pillow while enjoying a snack.)
  • Tonight, he figured out that if he rolled over a little farther than just 180 degrees to his stomach, he could actually get places. I'm thinking that I will be reminded over the next few days that my house is no longer as "baby-proof" as I thought.
Finally, this photo was taken just a few minutes ago, while I was tending to the heating of the bedtime bottle. Jason was holding a freshly-bathed Boy in Blue on his lap while playing on the computer. He's so darn cute, I could eat him! (In a figurative sense, of course.)

(I mean the baby.)

I love you, my little Jabin-baby. I can't believe how big you are already. And how much closer you are to being a little mischief-maker, just like your big brothers!

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  1. He is very cute, T and to me he looks a lot like you. :)

  2. awwwwww that is SOOOO sweeet!!!! this makes me feel SO glad!!!

    im SO glad God made families!!
    esp onoe like yours!!

  3. Colleen - Thanks for saying so. I still see a lot of Jason in him, but he is both of our kid!

    Grafx - Gosh. *shuffle feet self-consciously* Yeah, I'm pretty glad He made our family, too! ;-D

  4. Wow! This post really makes me feel all 'first-time-mom':
    - I can reel off Ayaan's height and weight in my sleep
    - Thanks to the ticker on my blog, I know how old Ayaan is down to the day.
    - Our pictures ONLY have Ayaan.


    I live the picture with the beets. I have one of Ayaan exactly like that. The snap with him having a snack is adorable too. Also envy-inducing since Ayaan still won't hold his own bottle and that to be REALLY coaxed into having his milk...

  5. He does look like you! I can't believe how big he's getting. Hopefully mom and I will come up for a visit soon and see you guys.

  6. How cute! I should get my little sister to read this. She is the third and youngest child and complains that she didn't have any pictures of her childhood. It is somewhat true. BUT, as she was the last to leave home, she ended up with a whole slew of priviledges that we never had.

    He's a cutie.

  7. I totally agree. I have way more pictures of Luke than Nolan and I'm sure if we had a third it would be even less. Time just get away from you the more kids you have.

  8. Whoa! Ain't that the truth!! Just imagine if you were the 5th child!! However, if Grandma only lived a little closer, I'm SURE that I could take up some of the slack for you!!
    And I agree, he's cute enough to eat (in a figurative sense, of course!! )

  9. I remember my brother when he was a he is taller than me!! (I think)

  10. Rohini - Ah, I remember those days--two children ago! ;-D Enjoy it with Ayaan. Everything is special with the first one, and that is just the way it should be. I wish I could spend as much time focussing on those little details with all my children, but perhaps there is a good reason that the first child is the only one that has to endure that!

    Ang - Thanks! Whenabouts do you think you're heading up?

    Jenn - Ah, yes, it all pans out, doesn't it? I remember feeling quite put out that my brother always got to do stuff way younger than I had!

    Laurie - I agree. Thanks for commenting! Nice to hear from you!

    Mom - Well, get on it, already!

    Er. Ace - Haven't seen him in a while? It was one of the biggest thrills of my brother's young life when he outgrew me. He has a pretty comfortable lead on me now. I don't think I'll be passing him again anytime soon! ;-D

  11. Hey. I can't believe that Jabin is all already 8.5 months old! Where does the time go? Doesn't it fell like it goes way faster with the last one! He is so super cute!

  12. Hey, Christa--probably feels like it's really zooming by for you, since you hardly see him, and your baby is just a few months behind him!

    Hope all is well with you! Luvya!


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