Entropy? Pffft!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Apparently, if you forget to tell the government that you didn't make any money to speak of in the previous year, they want to stop paying you your thank-you-for-having-children-so-our-population-doesn't-dwindle-into-
netherdom benefits.

Silly people.

(I guess I'll succumb to the pressure and finally file my tax return this week. I'm scared, though--last year was my first year in business, and considering that I am working in two currencies, USD and CAD, my bookkeeping habits were not what they should have been. The whole thing is a mess. A big, messy mess. Which has not, apparently, been made less messy by procrastination. Why is that, do you think?)

(I can hear my father's voice echoing in my head right now--his and Mr. Moir's [my high-school science teacher] are duking it out to remind me of the laws of entropy. Yeah, yeah, that's what I say. You haven't seen entropy until you watch the state of a house that was perfectly clean and tidy change at an astonishing rate of deterioration to the equivalent of the aftermath of a cyclone, hurricane, tornado, and tsunami all in one, after two little boys have passed through on the rampage. By comparison, the state of my books is tame. HAH! If I can handle the little boys, the taxes do not intimidate me! I WILL SURVIVE! HA HAH!)

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  1. I thought I didn't know what entropy meant. Then I read the definition and I was like "Oh yeah. Entropy."

    Good luck on the books, T-Bean. (This is where believing in evolution might come in handy. If you leave it sit long enough the books may just write themselves!)

  2. grr i hate doing numbers of ANY kind!! i always have to get my co -workers to help me out. hahaha there are a few of them who just grab it away from me with an eye-roll adn just DO it for me!!!!

  3. Bookkeeping is not my forte. Sorry, but I can't help!

  4. Colleen - Sadly, the theory of evolution contradicts the law of entropy, as you know. So, as much as a pat little theory like that would be nice, when it contradicts the laws of science, I guess there isn't much hope. Maybe I could pretend? Dang. Books are still there.

    Grafx - New id, new site--whassup? I'm good with numbers, but I'm even better at procrastinating. Unfortunately for me!

    Jenn - Thanks for thinking of me, anyway!

    Okay, now to sit down and get to the nitty-gritty...

  5. This is one are in which I believe in being completely feminine and letting the man of the house take care of it.

  6. Sheesh, I can't keep my house clean and I don't even have any kids...

    You're doing great!

  7. Rohini - I wish I could, but since it is my business, my husband probably wouldn't really have a clue where to start with it either. If it were a simple straightforward matter of plunking in numbers off of an employer tax slip, I'm sure he would happily take it on.

    Anne - Thanks! I can get the house clean, it's just keeping it that way for longer than 10 minutes that's the challenge!

    Hi, Anne. Thanks for stopping by!


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