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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Noah, Jabin and Jude fooling around on Jude's bed this morning.

Jabin the pirate!

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  1. you have three little yummy people!!!are you going to have a girl too?

  2. Love your blog. Your boys are super cute!

  3. Grafx - *smile* Nope. Guess we're done. Unless we adopt one!

    Sarah - Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. And thanks for the compliments on my kids! You know the way to a mother's heart is through complimenting her children, right? (Of course you did! *wink*)

    Stop by anytime! I'll put on the tea!

  4. That's so cute. It's like a poster for having more than one child...

  5. I love the pirate cute!

  6. Colleen - I just thought of something --when I'm out of ideas for posts, I just have to put up pictures of my cute kids. How's that, eh?

    Rohini - There are definite pluses.

    Anne - I totally agree! Jason did that to him, then told me to come look. It was pretty much the cutest thing I had seen all week!

  7. Oh, all three of them together...CUTIES!!! Love your pirate baby too! Have to scrap that one mama!!

  8. Almost makes me wanna go back to that stage. ALMOST.

    All them lil dumplins are so can they not be? They have good genes!

    Lovin' hugs.


  9. Oh my gosh!! How cute are they!!?! Cute like little puppies you just wanna snuggle with. The pirate picture made me laugh.

  10. Beth - Can't wait to have fun with the "pirate" theme! Thanks!

    Vicki - You make me chuckle. And blush. Hugs back atcha!

    Ang - Speaking of puppies...See next post! And yes, they are so snuggly and cute there. If only they were like that all the time! (I guess it's good to take pictures of them when they're like that so I have something to remind myself of when they aren't!)


  11. Thanks for the new picture!


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