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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I hate doing dishes.

This is not the type of hate that makes me plot evil revenge during every waking moment.

It is a hate born out of the drudgery of doing SO MANY DISHES ALL THE TIME!! (I know, Beth. I should just talk to the hand, right?)

Okay, so while I am not feeding quite as many as Beth's crew, I am still running a dishwasher one to three times a day, plus doing whatever assorted hand dishes might have accrued.

Serena told me that her mom says "dishwashers aren't a luxury, they are a necessity." I agree. Unless, of course, you live in a place where domestic help is easily affordable, right Rohini? (Although I'm sure the maids wouldn't mind a dishwasher, either!)

So, because I despise the task, I kind of have to trick myself into doing them. This is my method for doing dishes about half the time (the half that isn't on purpose):

I go into the kitchen to get something, say a glass for a drink of water. Or a pot to start the morning oats soaking before bed. Shoot! says I. Must be in the dishwasher.

So I open the dishwasher, wave the steam out of my eyes, and retrieve the item in question. Of course, once I remove the pot from the bottom rack, there are only a few plates and a couple of other big things left in there, so I think I'll just put a few other things away while I'm here.

Pretty soon I'm working on the glasses and bowls from the top shelf. Before I know it, the dishwasher is empty, except for the cutlery.

The cutlery is always last. I am not sure why I always leave it, except that I'm not really emptying the dishwasher. I'm just putting a few things away while I'm in there for my pot/glass/spoon. But there it is: an empty dishwasher, and a full cutlery tray. Well, by then I concede defeat and just empty the dang thing.

After that, it is short work to refill it with the load that is waiting patiently on the counter, and I am rewarded with a clean kitchen.

All because I am too lazy to do the dishes.

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  1. Give me dishwashing over cooking any day! In our baby-free days, when the maid didn't turn up, I would make Jai do the cooking in return for doing the washing up.

    Dishwashers are not so popular in India. It's not only because of the cheap domestic help since washing machines are getting pretty popular. Most people say that the Indian cooking and spices are difficult to get clean without some elbow power.

  2. I've only JUST gotten into the habit of doing the dishes at the end of the day after supper instead of letting them pile and having to face the muck and mire first thing in a pre-coffee morning and it feels good. (Big inhaaaaale) But if I had to multiply that by 3 well then I might just become a little loathsome. Baby steps, right? Maybe next time just huck them into the shower and hose 'em all down, your kids included. :D

  3. YES, dishwashers ARE a necessity!!!

  4. This is nothing to do with your blog.

    I just love ya.


  5. Rohini - I thought it would be because of the inconsistent power shortages. Are those not so much of a problem anymore? (I haven't been there in almost a decade.)

    I've never had a problem with my dishwasher not getting curry off of something, unless it was plastic.

    Colleen - I often have dishes waiting first thing, but that is mostly due to my teaching schedule, now--since I prepare supper, then disappear into my office/studio until long after the rest of the family has eaten. I leave the supper dishes until morning, because the last thing I want to do after teaching all night is go back into the kitchen and do dishes!

    Mom - Amen!

    Vicki - Aww. Thanks so much! That just made my day. I love you back.

    Seriously, I'm going to be smiling all afternoon 'cause of that.

  6. I'm glad that I have a dishwasher even if it is a portable one. I usually put the silverware away first. Some how I always seem to be out of forks. Really how many spoons does a two year old need to eat one bowl of cereal? Four maybe?

  7. Sarah - even babies seem to have the unique ability to empty the cutlery drawer in a single meal. Amazing, isn't it? Someone should research the subject. I just found out that someone funded a study into how the relative lengths of index and ring fingers affect other factors, so surely someone would fund a study about this!

  8. Hey chick, I have a dishwasher, or you would see me CRYING a lot on my blog :)

  9. Beth - You would have time to blog?! :-D


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