Okay, I got the hint.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I turned the furnace on. You can take off your mittens and vest now, Noah.

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  1. haha, poor little thing, he looks so sad! Is it cold there now? We had an awful summer and now it's really muggy and hot here! Autumn seems to be a while off yet.

  2. Clare - His natural face is kind of sad-puppy-dog-eyes--just his bone structure. I think he uses it against me, though! Yesterday was miserable and rainy, but today it's just overcast (at least so far.)

    I would have thought you would be having rainy weather as well. Interesting--I'm going to have to visit your part of the world some day so more of my illusions can be shattered!

  3. Glad to see you got the hint!! HAve you got snow yet? we're suppose to maybe get some tonite. I know I need to turn my furnace on, the high for tommorrow is +1 Lucky us!

  4. Oh, his face just says it all! It's like "quit messing with me, Mom".

  5. Hmmmm.....I know EXACTLY how he feels!!

  6. Christa - "Brrr!!" That's what I have to say to that! No snow for us, yet. Just rain and miserable weather.

    Colleen - Ha ha! Yes, his expressive little eyes. He doesn't talk much, but he says a lot!

    Mom - Excuse me?! You live in Arkansas, and you know how he feels? Pffft! Sorry, I ain't buyin' it! :-D

  7. Hi there Talena! Apologies for not commenting recently but I have been reading!

    I loved the last post, by the way. :) My mum found it a little hard when my sister left home and came here too. She has my brother still to look after but

  8. Haha! Man, he's getting big!! And looking a little bit more like Jude too. It was chilly today; I'm slowly getting over my denial that autumn is almost here. Sadly, over the past 5 years, I've been climatized to Lower Mainland witners, if it's a cold one this year, I think I'll die!

  9. Ace - No apologies necessary! I know how busy life can be, trust me!

    Looks like Blogger cut you off, but from reading your posts, it sounds like your mom is finally finding something to keep her busy!


    Ang - Noah has stretched out so much recently--his face is becoming thinner, and he's lost that "baby-boy" look. Plus, he's coming out with new words every day.

    Man, I'm acclimatized to warmer winters after the last one--didn't take me long! I know we won't get so lucky twice in a row, though. Sigh.


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