Rough and Buff

Friday, September 01, 2006

Thank you, Colleen, for these. Although I didn't actually use any today, they were humourous enough to help me back on the path to sanity.

It's been a heck of a week. On Sunday, I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose. Bummer. So Jason said we should stay home ("If you go to church, you'll just sing with all the songs, and talk a lot, and then sing on the way home, and then sing while you play the piano this afternoon, and then..."), and I agreed this was probably best. However, this meant that I would not be getting out on my last chance for socialization before he needed to use the van to drive to work again for three weeks. (His car-pool buddy's wife just had a baby, and he's taking three weeks off.)

So. I've been fighting a cold all week. I took most of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to sit on my butt as much as possible, occupying myself with watching the boys and our new puppy play in the yard, or making sure Suri didn't have an accident in the house, or making sure Noah wasn't picking her up by the tail, or making sure Jude wasn't chasing her around to the point of utter exhaustion ("Jude, she's just a baby! She needs lots of naps, still!") and reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

I thought I'd finally make up my own mind on the whole Harry Potter thing, since Heather Anne loves the series so much. I have to say, I can see why J.K. Rowling is so successful from it. She weaves a good tale. As far as the controversy--I can see the points on both sides. Jason read it too. I think we're going to have to think about it. However, if I got rid of my copy of A Wrinkle in Time because of the New Age leanings in it, I'm guessing Harry Potter won't be surviving in this house. We'll see.

By Thursday, my cold didn't feel any better, but I knew I had guests coming for the weekend, so I had to make some sort of an effort to put the house in order. So I spent the day working. A lot. And still doing all the same Suri-and-kids-related activities as before.

To make things more fun, I think Jude may have been fighting the cold, too, because he took a nap almost every day this week, even though he seldom takes them anymore. And his attitude has sucked.

And oh, the LIES!! This kid has a serious lying habit that I am at my wit's end about. And he just lies about stupid stuff he doesn't even need to, sometimes. What sucks is that he's the only kid that can talk somewhat articulately, so I kind of rely on him to tell me what happened in a situation I was not an eye-witness to. But how can I trust the kid when he just LIES first thing?

Jabin seems to have been getting up unusually early this week, as well. And the naps have been all wonky--I think there was one day where all three children, and the dog, were sleeping at the same time, so I got to have a little nap--I had been asleep for maybe half an hour and the phone rang. I forgot to unplug it because I am not in the habit of taking naps anymore, either. This woke both me, and Jude, up.

So between the cold, the short nights, the napless days, preventing the kids from torturing the dog, and getting completely frustrated by the liar with the bad attitude in my house, it all built up to the screaming-through-my-keyboard that you were witness to this morning.

Only because if I screamed in real life, it would scare all my kids and the neighbours would call the police.

However, there is a sunshiny end to this dismal week: my brother and father arrived tonight to visit for the weekend. This is the first time Logan has met Jabin, as the last time I saw him was only weeks before Jabin was born at my grandfather's funeral last October.

I found out something really cool about my brother tonight. He entered a strongman competition. And he pulled a bus.

You have to realize: my brother is a self-proclaimed computer geek. He has been a computer geek for as long as I remember. And although he has always been a semi-active guy, he's not the guy I had ever visualized pulling the bus in those strongman competitions.

But apparently, this is one computer geek that refuses to be totally out of shape. (Visualize Dilbert's paunch.)

Instead, he really is buff! Check out this post for pictures of the competition. My brother is the one in the blue shirt that says "I'm made of meat" on it. (You might not have been able to read it in his photo--I only knew that because he is wearing the same shirt tonight.)

Also, he has this interesting goatee look going. Tell ya, Bro--cut your hair really short, add a gold earring or two, and I'd mistake you for a drummer, not a computer nerd. (I'm thinking most people don't guess your true profession by looking at you, do they?)

My baby brother. *sniff* All grown up.

Maybe that's why I keep getting his name mixed up with Jude's: I keep forgetting he's not a baby anymore. Dang it!

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  1. Your week sounds just a bit worse than mine... this too shall pass.

  2. computer nerd are cool in my rule.

    i have all the books of Harry Potter so far and i feel personally that i will not allow my kids to read beyond book gets too dark and frankly much too terms of thoughts and divinations...the good ol "candy magic" that we kids were used to reading....

    i hope you feel DO you manage with your kids and housework and now your puppy!!

    i think Jude will learn not to lie just by watching you...and by learning..maybe the easy way and maybe the hard way..but he will learn...its always alarming to watch how kids pick up bad habits so much easier than good ones!!

  3. No Wrinkle in Time? Gasp! My favorite! Sigh...I guess that's why we all have our own opinions...

    I have gotten several colds this year so I totally feel your pain. Yucks. Feel better!

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling so rough. And on top of that what a week you've had! Your brother ... I had no idea! Who'da thunk?
    As for Rowling ... love 'em. I was encouraged to know that there was some fabulous writing behind the hype. Whatever you decide I know you'll be doing it for the right reasons.

    Love you. Feel better. Here's a Kleenex.

  5. Okay, what's with Blogger not updating the number of commenters under each post?!

    Rohini - Hmm, sounds like you have an interesting story to tell, too. Or an interesting gripe session. (I love that our blogs can be whatever we want them to be, don't you?) Thankfully, the only thing certain is change.

    Grafx - A real photo! Is this the real you? And I guess you better say that about the nerds--I think "nerd" no longer should be equated with "social numbskull," because the two are going together less and less these days as more people become computer-savvy.

    Interesting preview of the Potter series. I'm intrigued...

    As the last post shows--I don't always manage!! Thanks for your encouraging words. I really hope they turn out to be true!

    Anne - I know. I love A Wrinkle In Time. I had to re-read it after I started studying about New Age philosophies and someone mentioned how prevalent the ideas were in that book. I had to agree, so I sold it, or something. Not that I'll forbid my kids from reading it, ever--just keep it out of reach until they are old enough to make an informed and aware observation of the ideas they are being exposed to.

    Colleen - Thanks for the Kleenex. And "I know, right?", about my brother. Totally floored me!

  6. Dear Friend,

    Had you told me you were going to yell about the weekend, I would have joined you and we could have yelled our *whatever that thing above our tongue at the back of our mouth is* out! =)

    Sounds like the house is pretty crazy and you need a reliable baby sitter for atleast a day!

    I like Harry Potter too. Rowling does tell a tale well!

    Lies? Has Jude read Pinoccio?

    Children do drive parents crazy. Ask my parents, they'll agree! ;-)

    Sucks about the cold. See, I am such a good friend. I'm giving you company - I have a cold that varies from sneezes to runny nose to blocked nose to burning nose and so on.

    Hope you get well soon! Till then, let tea with a dash of ginger and cardamom comfort you!

  7. yes its me.. lol. .taken when we were away at out mountain trip a few weeks ago..( sigh i didnt want to come back to normal life!)

  8. Even when you've had a week from "you know where", and I empathize completely about your frustration with one of your very own children telling still manage to get humor into your blogs and put a smile on my face!!
    I LOVE you SO MUCH!!

  9. Oh ya! (for my correct english fanatic daughter!!)
    Even though Suri may have a "tale" to tell, that is still not what is attached to her butt for Noah to pull!
    PS. But at the end of a week like yours, I'm surprised you could still type, let alone spell!

  10. The job of "main parent" is the most difficult of all. Always was. Always will be.

    It doesn't help a bit to know this except to maybe soothe a bit of guilt, but we've all had those frustrating days, frustrating weeks, frustrating MONTHS even.

    Here's to a better week next week.

    Hug n kiss.

  11. Thanks for noticing my spelling mistake, Mom.

    Thanks for the love, Vicki.

  12. In a previous lifetime I was a proofreader! I should hire my skills out to certain magazines that I read that could definitely benefit from them!!


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