Breast Cancer Month: Racing for a cure that already exists

Monday, October 09, 2006

For an explanation of this satirical cartoon from, click here.

There are already cures, and plenty of preventative methods, for cancer. But because Big Pharma does not profit from them, they are either ignored as if they don't exist, or discredited.

I am one of the people affected by breast cancer--my mother had it, and was told to get a double mastectomy by traditional medical doctors. Thank goodness she didn't listen! Instead of getting the operation, and going through months of poisonous chemotherapy treatments, she used natural means to strengthen her body's own immune system, which is why she is healthy today, enjoying life and a chance to see her grandchildren grow up, instead of convalescing and in her last months of life, or worse, already gone. She has been "cancer-free" for over five years. (Mom, what's the exact number?)

I fully intend to see my grandchildren grow up, too. Before tragedy hits you, what will you do to make sure that you live a long, and healthy, life?

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  1. Your guess was really accurate - 5 years this month since I saw a doctor for anything cancer related. And I'm doing GREAT - praising the Lord for his healing hand and the wonderful "pharmacy" he has provided for us in the natural things he created for us to eat, breath, drink, and bask in.....all of which are given to keep us healthy!! And staying away from chemical anything that my body could absorb in any way! It's not that hard, just requires enough motivation (I REALLY want to be alive to see my grandchildren's children!!....which, of course would require that YOU were a grandma......ponder that one for a moment...giggle!!!), and the willingness to make healthy lifestyle changes....that will last a lifetime! If anyone would like the exact particulars of what I did to get where I am, I'd be happy to share with them.
    Love you!!

  2. This is so interesting. Why don't people actually know about it?

  3. This is the first time I came across you blog. I am glad you posted that. :-)

    I have been saying that for years.

    Many have been saying that for years, but most people just believe (sadly I am no different than anyone else) what we told.

    ALWAYS question every thing your told. There are always 2 sides to every story.

    Every time they come knocking on my door to "help make cancer history" I get annoyed.

  4. Mom - Thanks for confirming, and for offering to help other people, too. Anyone wanting pointers from my mom can contact me at the e-mail address on my blog, and I'll get you in touch with her.

    Anne - Well, it's because it is Big Pharma that has the money to brainwash us--oh, I mean advertise to us--about their product, and we are incredibly influenced by what we read and see on T.V. "They" also have a lot of influence on our medical doctors, whether the doctors know it or not. And "they", with the help of the doctors discredit any natural remedy as being "hoky" and "not as good as a prescription." Because "They" don't make money from it.

    The ones who know about the natural remedies either a) don't have the money to advertise, because natural remedies and prevention do not turn a huge profit; b) are discounted by the all-knowing "They" as quacks and witch doctors (with help from the media, by the way, who are also strongly influenced by the money flowing into the cancer industry and Big Pharma's pocket), or c) keep their mouths shut because no one believes them anyway, and who wants to be known as a quack or a witch doctor?

    Frankly, I get a little nervous posting some of the things I do on here--I know for a fact that I have a lot of readers who have been trained in traditional medicine, and I fear offending them, and what their opinion of me will become. I know a lot of doctors and nurses, and each and every one of them went into that profession because they wanted to help people. I love them all for it. But even they did not know (as I didn't either until recently) that the answer does not lie in drugs and prescriptions. Traditional medicine is an excellent option when emergency intervention is needed. But it needs some serious revision of doctrine where prevention and treatment of disease is concerned.

    The truth is out there--for people who look for it.

    Junah - Thanks for commenting! I liked your Oct. 1 post, btw. Very funny. (Your blog wouldn't let me comment on it.)

    I understand your annoyance. I still haven't figured out a good response that wouldn't take all night whenever I get a telemarketer or some other solicitor asking me for money to cure some disease that already has one! If you think of a good "quickie" line, let me know!

  5. It's good to pursue alternatives.

    I also consider BigPharmac's to be overcharging for bringing life (sometimes) to people. At least the whole generics phenomenon has put a little check on things.

  6. Paul - While generic drugs make the price easier to swallow, even generics are making pretty good coin. And whether they are sold under a brand-name label or not, any synthetic drug you put into your body will have toxic side effects.

    My only frustration is that information about natural alternatives is not more readily available.

  7. Thanks for reminding me of something I have been meaning to fix.

    Okay, now you can leave a comment on my blog because I am dumping Yahoo for blogspot who allows non-members to comment.

    I cannot think of some good one-liner to tell someone canvasing for cancer, but I did tell Capital One the other day that I don't want their "low interest" credit card because I like to pay high interest. Then the guy hung up on me.

    There are cures for many kinds of cancer, but just remember a cure doesn't mean it cures everyone.

    Even if I thought that cancer research money was being used wisely, I would not donate because I do not believe in donating to something that everyone else is giving to. I prefer to give to charities that don't get a lot of funding.

    Another thing is that most people think that the number one killer for women is beast cancer and for men it is prostrate cancer. But the fact is more people (men and women) die of lung cancer than any other kind. And even Big Pharma admits that 90% of lung cancers are preventable.

    okay, this going on and on....I better stop.

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