Colour Preference

Monday, October 30, 2006

Overheard tonight while Jason was putting the boys to bed:

"What're you doin'?" came Jason's voice directed to Jude.

"Hidin'," came the reply, accompanied by lots of giggling.

"Are you hiding from me?"

"Mm-hmm. I was hiding from you while you were at work today."


"Mommy was hiding, too."

"Wow, I was even talking to Mommy on the phone, and she didn't tell me she was hiding!"

This brought a slight pause.

"You have a phone at work?" asked Jude in an incredulous voice.

Jason replied through suppressed laughter, "Yes, I do."

"Is it a black one?"

"No, it's kind of a beige one."

"Oh. I like beige phones."

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  1. (lots of giggling here too!)

  2. lol. kids !!... you'll never be bored thats for sure!!!

  3. That cracks me up. I don't like beigey phones either.

    My middle son who is 4 hides under his bed when he is in trouble thinking I will never be able to find him. He makes it easy when I can see feet and my 2 year old son is standing there telling him I coming.

  4. Talena, be honest, you were hiding a little weren't you.

  5. Okay, I'm annoyed. Blogger ate my comment on this one.

    Mom - :-)

    Grafx - Can't hardly wait, eh?

    Sarah - That's hilarious! I could totally see that happening in my house, too!

    Ang - Well, Jason couldn't see me, so I guess the answer was "yes!"

    Vicki - Tee hee!


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