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Monday, October 23, 2006

Last week is a blur of late nights and bleary-eyed days, punctuated by teaching piano lessons and babysitting other people's children, leading up to a grand finale on the weekend of sleeplessness and scrapbooking.

This past weekend was Scrap Away, the annual scrapbooking retreat hosted by First Baptist Church here in Peace River. This year, I was a teacher. I was only supposed to teach two classes, but one of them proved to be so popular that we ran it twice. The majority of last week was spent in a frenzy of making lesson plans, cutting pieces of patterned paper, and putting page kits together. Sleep was not something that happened with its usual regularity.

The actual event ran on Friday and Saturday nights until 1 a.m. The other teacher was my friend Amanda, who is a Stampin' Up! consultant. Not only did she prep her own classes with her own two small children running around, she is seven months pregnant! I can't imagine trying to do what she did, on as little sleep as she did, at that stage of pregnancy! Yikes! It was hard enough on me!

Her husband and kids stayed at our house on the weekend as well, and the guys (Darryl and Jason) handled the home front while us girls were out, earning money to scrapbook! Whee! (It might have been easier to convince Jason to do this since the money I earned went towards a new set of golf clubs for his birthday. I figured it was time for my habit to give something back to him, for a change, since he is usually the one funding it!)

In other news, Jabin has learned the art of teleporting. He hasn't figured out how to go farther than two or three feet at a time, but I figure that must be what he's doing. I set him on the floor in a sitting position, and when I look back a few moments later, he has teleported himself to a different spot, even though he is still sitting up! Or, he is laying on his back drinking a bottle, then rolls onto his belly. He has only figured out how to teleport backwards from this position, though--his arms are apparently the primary device running the technique.

Noah has become Mr. Independant over the last few weeks. He was always independant as far as being a self-entertainer, etc., but now there are even more areas where he actually gets quite offended if I try to help him, such as helping him put on his Pull-Up or pants, and he just had a conniption when I tried to assist him with his toque and mittens. In some ways, it is really nice to know I can tell him to do something and he knows how to do it, but on the other hand, he is so easily distracted that I often find myself having to repeat the command about 18 times before it is accomplished. Sigh. The joy and the sorrow of having your kids get older.

Jude has a few phrases he has been using a lot. For a while, he would start the answers to most questions with "Probably." e.g. "Did you do this, Jude?" "Probably Noah did." "Where is Noah?" "Probably in the T.V. room." "Is this yours?" "Probably it is."

Lately, he has been exploring phrases that define time. Often, he begins a sentence with "one second." e.g. "One second, Mom, I want to tell you something. One second." However, he has been using other time-related phrases like "last week," "one moment," "yesterday," "the other day," and none of them have any relation to when an even actually happened. It could have been this morning, or a month ago. The phrases are all interchangable for any period of time before now!

Also, when he goes to bed at night, he always refers to it as a "nap!"

With the length of some of the nights I have had lately, I guess I could be calling it a nap, too!

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  1. You said it - the joy and sorrow of them getting older. Ayaan is eager but not quite ready to feed himself. The mess has to be seen to be believed.

  2. Rohini - Oh, I think I have a pretty good reference point--I'll try and use my imagination! ;-)

    How are you, anyway?


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