I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh, joy! Oh, bliss!

For Jason's birthday, his mom got him the second season of Lost. He got the first season for his birthday last year. As we are of the non-television-viewing persuasion, thanks to lack of reception (and lack of desire), we were somewhat surprised at how we (that would be the royal "we"--meaning me) quickly became addicted to this show.


Tonight we tore off the cellophane and watched the first episode, Season 2.

And I'm hooked already.

Dad, I thought of saying we'd watch one disc a week, on Sunday nights, in homage to you--but the chances are we won't have time to watch one disc at a time, so we'll just have to watch 'em whenever we can squeeze 'em in. But I'll be thinkin' of ya'. (As Jason pointed out, thanks to your satellite dish, you've probably seen the whole second season anyway. I'd call you a booger, but that's just not polite.)

To any other Lost-ophobes out there: feel free to share your enthusiasm in the comments, but no spoilers, please!

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  1. Hmmmm....from another non-TV viewing household....I would really like to know what this show is all about. Sounds like it must be interesting! :)

  2. Best show on TV. :) But that's from a dedicated fan. So far season 3 has been excellent too.

    I promise not to spoil at all...this show is no fun if the surprises are ruined. You will have a blast.

    And there is nothing better than avoiding commercials!!

  3. All I want to say about season two is that it will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Season three has been good so far too, but I'm always a little bit heartbroken when the episode is over and I have to wait a whole week for the next one.

    PS - Did I leave my denim jacket at your place? I can't find it. If I did....I'm an idiot!!

  4. Thanks for commenting. It's been awhile since I've really been by to read. I've just been floating along.

    Anyway, I've only ever seen one episode of Lost (and not the first). I know I would get addicted right-quick so I have refrained. Besides, the one episode scared me silly so I'd prefer not. I've already got a few TV shows I'm addicted to (SciFi mostly) and I don't need another because in principle I'm of the non-TV persuasion myself.

  5. Mom - It's like a really big mystery where every time one thing is solved, two more mysteries open up because of it. It reminds me of the computer game "Myst."

    Anne - YAY! for no commercials. BOO! for having to wait a year for the next Season to be released on DVD. YAY! for not having to wait a week between episodes right now, though.

    Good to see ya' here.

    Ang - Sometimes I wonder if the writers ever feel like they are on a total power trip, knowing how many people they manipulate emotionally with their typewriter every week.

    I get that heartbroken feeling at the end of every book, movie, or show that was just totally great, totally thrilling, totally unexpected, and that totally took me away from real life for the duration. (See Page-Turner post below about why I only read books occasionally. It's easy to get really involved in a movie, because it is only two hours out of your life, and then it's over. Books take considerably more time.)

    E-mailed ya' about the jacket.

  6. I think Lost is a perfect example of show that should only be watched on dvd. We've just had the end of season 2 over here and it is so frustrating waiting between episodes. And then a new one turns up and nothing happens. I'm guessing if I watched them all in one go it'd be so much better.

  7. I didn't watch Lost until someone lent us season 1 on DVD. Yippee! We were addicted and watched it all within a few days! I hardly watch any TV but I do love Lost....except that by popping by here, I've now seen that you have started season 3 over there already BOO HOO!!!

    PS Lost is so frustrating as they never seem to answer any of the HUGE questions :-)

  8. Hippo Birdies to Jason...albeit belatedly.

    He might not have gotten that for another month if a certain loving friend hadn't just given me heck for not being heard from!

    Love and hugs!!


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