Isn't It Great?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Isn't it great how, when you're a kid:

  • all you need to be a super-hero is to tie on a cape made out of a receiving blanket?
  • all you need for a deep sea adventure is a ball of playdough?
  • all you need to play bumper cars is a couple of empty cardboard boxes?
  • all you need to fly is a swing?
  • all you need to be a pirate is a bandana around your head and a stick in your hand?
  • all you need to make the ow-ees all better is a kiss and a hug from Mommy?
  • all you need to know that all is right in the world is to see Mommy and Daddy kiss and hug each other?
Yeah. Isn't it great?

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  1. Most awesome post ever...LOVE THIS LIST!

  2. Hey, Beth, thanks! Btw, I just nominated you for a Hoagie over at Heather Anne's blog (click on Hoagie link in left side-bar). I nominated you as "Blogger who should be president," because I am constantly amazed by everything you get accomplished--I figured with the organizational skills you must have, you would be a rockin' prez.

  3. somehow my imagination was much more vivid when i was a kid!!

    hey there!! im baaaaack

  4. Yep! Yep! Yep! Hello there Talena! I haven't forgotten you (as if I could). It has been busy Down Under. Exams start next week and I still have 2 assignments to hand in!

    Aaaaaargh. If only dreams (such as assignments doing themselves) came true as they did when I was a kid. ;-)

  5. I just got caught up on your recent blogs. Stories about Jude and Noah always make me laugh; I guess it's b/c they're pretty funny. I helped chaperone the youths West Ed. Mall trip over the weekend. We went to the water park, and it seems so much smaller than I remember. So I guess when you're a kid, everything seems so big! Then you grow up and realize it's actual size. It was still fun though.

  6. Wow, everyone came and visited on the same day!

    Mom - :-)

    Grafx - That was a long hiatus! Didst thou enjoy thyself?

    I'm glad I have kids--they remind me how to play.

    Rohini - Thanks! Gotta love when the best ones are the shortest ones, eh? :-)

    Aakanksha - And I have not forgotten you, either, sweet Er. Ace. The craziness of life has kept me from taking time to comment on most blogs--but I have popped over there once or twice to at least "skim and keep up" on things. So, I understand!

    I do wish you the best on your exams. May you remember all you need to remember, and only forget the things that don't matter!

    Ang - I've met a few of my grade-school teachers as adults, and was amazed that I could now look over their heads--they were so tall back then! "Everything is actual size"--I love the wording! Love ya!

  7. Isn't it great how, when you're an adult...

    the perfect night is a bath and a bed with clean sheets?

    the perfect morning is sleeping till you just wake up rather than being woken by a child or an alarm?

    the perfect treat for yourself is a new pair of panties so you can throw out ONE pair of the shot-elastic, holey, old droopy ones?

    all it takes is a new pair of warm boots to make your month?



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