Frosty's Got Icicles on His Nose

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It is cold.

Cold. Cold. Cold.

I don't remember the last time we had a November this cold. Two nights ago, it was -40C. Yesterday, it got to a balmy high of -28. Jason said he heard on the radio that we're pushing records for this time of year. I believe it.

It's cold like if you are outside for thirty seconds or so without a hat, your hair starts to feel all crinkly and frozen.

It's cold like if you are outside for a minute and a half without a scarf on your face, your skin starts to feel all tight and brittle, like a snowflake hitting it at full velocity might shatter it.

It's cold like if you are outside for more than five minutes, even in full winter garb, the jelly in your eyeballs starts to go hard.

And it's dry. Dry, dry, dry.

I can't drink enough water to quench my thirst, or put on enough lotion to keep my hands from getting cracked.

If it's like this in November, what will it be like in our two coldest months of the year, January and February? So anxious to find out!

Don't you all want to rush up here and experience a Canadian winter, now? ;-)

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  1. BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Gives me shivers just hearing about it!! There really would be some merit to ya'll movin' down here, ya know!!

  2. Global cooling!

    It's strange, Talenabean, that after 5 years of living arcticward I actually look forward to this crazy weather. I KNOW.

    I don't like the dry skin thing though and I must admit that -28 IS actually balmy (and more desirable) than -40.

    And to think that we do this for love.

  3. Come to Mumbai. It never gets cold here. Winter is when you think of switching off the air conditioner and using only the fan... I miss winter

  4. Mom - Just keep talkin', Mom! ;-)

    Colleen - I hate to say this, because you're my friend, but there's a part of you that's just a little twisted. You look forward to this? Crazy. But you're right, I was glad it didn't stay at -28 all day.

    Those boys better realize how lucky they are. :-)

    Rohini - Except for the humidity there, I would rather have it warmer than colder. Lots of people disagree with me, but it's just too darn cold. I hate feeling cold all. the. time. My house is old and drafty. In the winter it's cold, but in the summer it's just about right. Yup, give me air conditioning any day.

    Hugs everyone!


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