Motorcycle Maniacs

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My kids got some new winter hats the other day. (Well, except Jabin.) They thought they looked like motorcycle helmets. Just a titch more imagination, and the hampers became motorbikes. This photo is too cute:

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  1. Love the red cap - we call those mokey caps in this part of the world.

  2. Yup, just TOO cute!!

  3. Gotta LOVE laundry baskets and cardboard boxes. HOURS AND HOURS of entertainment...much more than any Fisher Price or Playskool toy provides!

  4. Laurie - Thanks! I tried to make them stop. They just wouldn't listen.

    Rohini - Monkey caps! Funny! I know in the States they call toques "toboggans"--which I think is weird since a toboggan is a long wooden sled here. Funny how things are different.

    Mom - Never too cute.

    Vicki - No doubt. Yet we keep buying the expensive toys instead of picking cardboard boxes out of the recycling pile. Guess we've been brainwashed to be materialistic more than our kids have, eh?


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