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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

There are three reasons why Jude is counting down to his birthday on Friday:

3. He gets to turn four.

2. He gets to dress like Captain Hook.

And the number one reason he is counting down the sleeps is:

1. He knows he finally gets to have some of the "Unsweetened Apple Juice (not from concentrate)" sitting on our counter in three big one-gallon jugs.

I think I'm okay with my kid being as excited about having unsweetened juice as most kids are about having pop.

For my part, I am not counting sleeps. I am counting days. Because after Friday, after I have finished making the costumes, and they have been worn? After the party favours have been handed out? After the gifts have been unwrapped and played with? After the cake has been eaten, the guests have left, and the kids are worn out and in bed?

Then, oh then, I shall finally get to sleep. That shall be sweet, indeed.

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  1. Hehe, sounds like funn!

    I looove fresh apple juice, straight from the juicer!

  2. Aaah, but those days will not last forever. My youngest is 5. I miss the cute phase. As you already know, each phase has its joys and challenges!

    May we all look for the joys.

  3. wow...the things a mother has to go through!! sounds tiring.

    but yes i would be very happy about my child being excited about juice instead of pop...!!!

  4. let me guess. Each child is going to get a big, wing-ding birthday party when he turns four (since you are setting a precident you know!), and after that, (since you have realized what it costs you in ENERGY alone!!), they will have to be happy with a sedate; cake, candles, 1 present and 2 friends kind of birthday????? (giggle)

  5. Aww! Fun! I wish I could be there!! Tell him Auntie Angie wishes him a big Happy Birthday!! Give him 4 birthday bumps for me!! That's so cool he's dressing up for his birthday. When we went to West Ed. I went with Erin Carruthers to check out the Disney store. They had the coolest Pirets of the Carribbean costumes for kids. I thought of Jude, but they were sooo overpriced. I'm sure his will look just as great and way cheaper.

  6. All are good reasons to count the days :)

  7. Ace - Mmmm. That does sound yummy.

    Paul - Amen to that. The joie de vie will disappear if we choose not to see it.

    grafx - Tiring, but worth it.

    Mom - It might not always be the fourth birthday party.

    Ang - He was tickled when I passed your greetings along. Sorry, I didn't give him the bumps, though. You can save them for when you see him next. Yep, I saw those costumes on eBay--I thought they were overpriced, too, and weren't even all that real-looking. The perfectionist in me is showing again.

    Anil - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yes, you are right! Sometimes I wish I could just live life with the full abandonment to joy and excitement that my children possess!

  8. No.

    He gets to turn FOUR! Not four. FOUR.

    Sheesh, Mom.

  9. Vicki - You are too funny. And, now that he is four, he reminds us almost every day: "Mom, I'm FOUR now!"

    "Yes, you are."

    "I'll turn five later."

    "Yes, much later."


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