Highlights from the weekend

Monday, December 04, 2006

Friday night:

  • Hung out with Jason and the kids.
  • Cut the boys' hair.
  • Blogged.
  • Let the kids (and us!) sleep in after the late hair-cutting night on Friday.
  • I took Jude and Noah with me to the church for Scrapbooking Day, where they, and I, had loads of fun. It was (nearly) as successful as I had hoped it would be. I say nearly, because I didn't quite get my little book finished. But I only have a few pages left, so it was still a productive day!
  • Jabin stayed home with Daddy. At some point, Wes B. and Martin (Mr. Sheila from the last post) came and picked them up and they went to Smitty's for lunch. Then, they went and looked at some property that Jason is interested in buying--a quarter for sale near Wes & Serena's.
  • Jason played a fair amount of X-Box, as far as I can tell, so he had a good "day off," too.
  • On the way home, I rented a couple of movies and brought home A&W burgers (on whole wheat buns!) for the family. When we got home, half of the order was missing. (Grrr.) They said they would send us free food coupons in the mail.
  • Watched "Memoirs of a Geisha." They did a great job keeping it true to the book, edited for time. It was one of those rare occasions when I wasn't disappointed in a movie from a book I really enjoyed--although, I am still glad I read the book first. It just added so much to the story to know the details a movie can never include.
  • I thought I was on nursery at church, so we whizzed around like a tornado to get there on time. I wasn't. But we made it to church on time anyway! Whew!
  • Stopped to get "a few groceries" after church, and ended up doing a whirlwind trip to pick up my groceries for the week. Figured I may as well take advantage of the fact that I was in the store already, sans kids.
  • By the time we got home, we were completely famished. Nuked some soup for lunch, then let the kids watch "The Polar Express"--the other rental. Cute movie.
  • Explained to Jude that "some kids believe that Santa Claus is a real person. We don't want to tell them that he's not."
  • Went to the DMI Christmas party for the children of the employees, where the kids and Jason swam at the pool with Greg Berreth and his two boys, while Robin and I sat on the side with our babies. I actually let Jabin sit in the shallows and splash for a good chunk of time. (Maria, at only 4 months, is not old enough for shallows-splashing yet.)
  • Our fearless child (for those of you not "in the know," that would be Noah) disappeared while we were blinking and went down the waterslide by himself--laughing all the way (Ha ha ha.)
  • After swimming, we went next door to the arena for the snacks and presents from Santa. Unfortunately, since we were one of the last ones out of the pool side, there was only cheese left. But it was good cheese! Our kids were also last in the Santa line. That was okay, 'cause the gifts were all labelled. The presents were really cool, and all age-appropriate--I was impressed. No dollar store-o-mania for DMI! The kids got a cool motorbike, heavy-duty Fisher-Price front-end loader, and a little "jukebox" for Jabin that plays different children's songs with different record-like "disks" inserted.
  • As soon as Noah was off Santa's lap, we blinked again. Greg and some other lady found him outside (without any coat on, of course), on the other side of the parking lot. As soon as we got home, I started checking into the price of one of those GPS micro-chips used to trace pets. It's either that, or I will be grey within two years.
  • You think I'm joking, but I'm not.
  • Berreths came over afterward for a bit more food (the cheese didn't quite cut it for supper after all that exercise) and some visiting. Good times. They didn't leave until 10:30 though, and while the children miraculously did not melt down while they were here, today was pretty rough--despite the fact that they slept in again. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. For them and for Jason (poor guy.)
Full week ahead: This Friday night is another event hosted by the DMI Social Society, and Saturday is my recital and an evening of putting a photo calendar together--to keep! I know, so selfish of me, but sometimes it's nice to make a gift for yourself, right?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to check and see what price I can get one of those GPS thingies on eBay for...

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  1. I -twitch- grew up knowing there's no Santa and I -twitch- turned out okay. But seriously, I loved Santa and knew he was just a fun tradition at Christmas.

    A guy at our church said that the bottom third of the walls should be lined with velcro and every kid should have a velcro jacket so that you can just huck your kid on the wall whilst you look for where the other ones ran off to. I thought it was brilliant. Maybe the pool would consider it?

    - VELCRO bathing suits a MUST -

  2. Rohini - Actually, we never told him there was one in the first place. It wasn't until this year that he has really even been exposed to the idea. We figured that we didn't want him to be disillusioned with all the matters of faith we are trying to instill in him, once he figured out we misled him about something like Santa/no Santa. And, like Colleen, I grew up knowing there was no Santa, and turned out just fine. -twitch-

    Colleen - "okay" is such a subjective word. Tee hee!

    LOVE the velcro idea. Going to shop for velcro suits in size 4 while I'm looking for GPS microchips. Thanks! And bulk rolls of velcro to apply to the walls. Or maybe just a portable velcro mat that will adhere to any surface, so I can hang Noah up wherever we go. Sound like a plan?

  3. GPS chips for horse/dogs/cats/etc are $50.00 each. At least that's what it cost to get them in my horses. Would definitely be cheaper than all the money you're going to have to spend covering the grey in your hair and would be a good idea for the peace of mind!!
    I like your new blog look too..although I liked the old one too. But your 3 boys are no longer under 3......just thought I'd point that out. You now have to chase TWO of them....with the 3rd one coming on quickly!! :)
    We watched Memoirs of Geisha last night too. I thought it was a great movie. Mike had listened to the book too, although I had not....so he filled in some of the holes.

  4. The portable idea is great. I think you've got a marketing streak in you!

  5. Mom - Fifty bucks? Now I am entering into some serious temptation. Just give me a minute...Ooo. I think I've dealt with it for now. My child's privacy is safe--for the moment. Let's hope he doesn't try any more stunts like that, or I may change my mind.

    Re: Memoirs. Although I understand why they left out the plot points they did, it made the story seem a little too "telescoped" to leave them out--like barely any time had passed after she became Geisha to the war starting, but actually it was at least a year, maybe more (my memory is a little shaky right now.) But, still enjoyable, as I said.

    Colleen - I got it from Looney Toons--Portable Hole, anyone?

  6. Maybe a beeper alarm when they get out of range...

    Seriously, that sort of stress does go away. My wife and I are amazed at how freed up we feel now that our youngest is 5. But then, we have a teenager now too!

  7. OOOH nice new blog design!! is it Tea of Coffee!! i like both!! looks like our masala Chai!! ooooooooh!!

    thanks for tagging me i will get down to it ASAP!!! lol still catching my breath!!

  8. All caught up again. Man, those boys of yours!! Talk about keeping you on your toes! The beet soup on the carpet literally made my jaw drop. And about that Noah - a leash perhaps? Can't believe Jabin's a year old! Craziness. Sounds like your life is as busy as all get out. Good for Jude about starting piano. And yes, it was chilly here too. Last week after class at the college, my car decided it didn't like the cold and wouldn't run for me - and it wasn't the battery either!! AAARRUUGGHH! Oh well. We missed you guys last weeked at Gramma & Grampa's 50th wedding anniversary, but we thought about you! Love you! You are doing awsome!!


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