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While I Was Out...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well, you may or may not have noticed my near total lack of presence in the blogosphere over the last week. It wasn't a planned blog-holiday--really impromptu, actually. So, here is what I have been doing over the last week while I have NOT been blogging:

  • I HAVE NOT been finishing my guest room. There it sits, with a half-painted door, and only one coat on all the trim and shelves. I'll get there soon enough.
  • I HAVE been blowing my nose. A lot. I caught a cold from my kids, that they caught from someone else's kids last week. The only one in our house not sick (other than the dog) is my husband. My nose resembles an unwashed beet right now--red and scabby. Not such a good feeling.
  • I HAVE been scrapbooking! Over the last week, I have completed a dozen layouts, an astonishing 8 of which were done in less than six hours on Sunday, while I nursed my cold and Jason gave me a break from the kids. Here are a couple of the layouts I just did. You can see the rest in my 2 Peas Gallery ("My Scrapbook Brag Pages", left side-bar), mostly under "Family Album 2006." I don't have them all uploaded yet, but I'm getting there. (Something else I HAVE been doing.)

  • I HAVE been knitting. I finally finished the sweater I started for Jude in September, which he loves. I even made him a hat to go with it (which I have not photographed.) Noah was a little torqued that it was for Jude, not for him--but if it is slightly big on Jude, it fits Noah like a dress. However, I had mercy and am making a little hat for Noah, too, since I can complete that project in a few hours, and then get back to working on the sweater I'm making for my sister-in-law.
  • I HAVE been watching movies. Moulin Rouge has got to be one of my most favouritest movies ever. Anyone who has only watched it once, or only got into the first fifteen minutes, would never understand this. But the more times I watch it (and I've got to be pushing two dozen), the more I love it and appreciate all the nuances in the story-telling. And the music, what they did with it, is just out of this world.
  • I HAVE been doing more on designing our dream house. Tentatively, if all our ducks line up just so, we are going to be buying an acreage this spring, then building a garage with a small apartment above it to live in while we build our Dream House. That has been oh-so-fun to plan, but a little stressful, too. They say if you and your husband can survive your wedding, you're off to a great start. I think next-most on the "high-stress" list should be designing and building a house together. Sheesh.
  • I HAVE been catching up on office paperwork. YAY!
  • I HAVE been getting much more disciplined with making sure I do a little "school-work" and reading time with each of the kids each day. This has been something that I've struggled with working into the schedule since the arrival of baby #3, but since putting a visual reminder on Jude's Chore Chart, it reminds both of us! Clever, eh? All those chores have to be done every day before he gets to do any "special" fun thing, such as play X-Box, so if I forget, he is pretty diligent to remind me.
  • I HAVE been babysitting. But I mentioned that one last week.
  • Guess that's the end of my list. I'm starting to repeat myself. For the last one: I HAVE been playing with my camera's self-timer:
I can't promise that this next week is going to be much different, but we'll see how it goes. Miss you all! Hugs & kisses!

(And I have to say--I really do appreciate it when you leave me a comment on my posts. It totally brightens my day to know someone else was thinking of me, and wanted to let me know that, even if I am super-busy and can't comment back for a day or so.)

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  1. Good picture of you! And I love your new scrapnqueen pages!! :)
    :) :) ;)

  2. You have been quite the busy bee! :)

  3. Thanks, Mom!

    Hi, Anne! Nice to see you! I'll try and pop over to "your place" later and catch up on YOUR life!


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