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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I was very flattered a few weeks ago when Tenika over at Multi-Photo Scrapbook Layouts e-mailed me and asked permission to post one of the layouts from my 2 Peas Gallery on her blog. All you scrappers should really bookmark her blog--it's got some really fabulous layouts on there!

Here is the post with ME in it!

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  1. Very creative and lovely.

    Hello, Talena.

  2. Hi, Scott.Thank you so much.

    Colleen - :-)

  3. HIIIIIIIIII!!!! JUST got back home and so am on a running blogging greeting spree!! its great to be back in the blogsphere!!

  4. Good on ya! Well done!
    I've left my comments to the previous posts.

  5. Hi, Grafx! Hi, Ace! Glad to see you both!

    Grafx - Glad you're back! Hope you get a chance to rest up soon.

    Ace - How's London? I'll have to check out the other comments ASAP, and you're blog tomorrow. (Too late, right now.)

    Hugs to you both!


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