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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I spent a good chunk of the last few days doing this:

It was the most intense HP book in the series, by far. But isn't it great when you already know there are three more books to follow, so he's not really going to die in the end (no matter how bleak it might be at the moment.) The part of me that likes this is probably the same part of me that thought it was enough of a surprise to find out the baby's gender at the ultrasound, rather than the birthing room. My husband said this was like "ruining Christmas."

The other day, my husband made the observation that no matter how much time I may spend reading whilst involved in a good novel, in the long run, I probably still spend more time scrapbooking. I had to think about it and disagree--"You don't know how much time I spent reading as a kid," I said. He thought for a second. "Okay, from the time you started scrapbooking, then." "Okay," I agreed finally.

Also, here is Jude helping water the plants yesterday. He loves to help me, and he loves watering plants. Yesterday was the first day I let him do almost exclusively by himself (except for the ones he can't reach.)

One more thing: Jude just came into the office and offered me an empty plastic teacup.

"Look, Mommy, I made you tea!"

I took it and pretended to slurp it up. "Just the way I like it!" I said.

"Orange Pekoe!" he replied.

Is it a bad thing if my four-and-a-half-year-old knows the type of tea I prefer? (Or one of the two, anyway? The tea I have in my real mug right now is actually Chai, sweetened with honey. Mmmm.)

*Groucho Marx

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  1. I like the things Groucho said. I've got one on my bloggie right now as well. Anyhoo! I am only on book 2 of HP but that's just because I haven't been in the mood yet but I WILL BE because it's inevitable. They're just so well written.

    I miss you guys.

  2. It's so sweet that Jude knows the tea his mommy likes and even cuter is that he wanted to give you some knowing just how much you like it. What a great kid. :)

  3. So cute that he knows YOUR tea :) I'm a reader/scrapper too...it's hard to make time for it all, huh?? :)

  4. Colleen - I know what you mean about "mood." I had the 3rd HP book borrowed from the library for a full four weeks before I read it. That was the weekend before last. I read it on Sunday and Monday, and on Wednesday I was back in the library, exchanging for number four, which I read from Saturday to Wednesday of this week. I never lost my "mood" between those two books, apparently!

    And yes, I really am blessed with terrific kids.

    Beth - TELL me about it!!!!

  5. Hahahaha - Orange Peako, that's awesome. Just goes to show how much they listen.

  6. I love that book! It is my favourite in the whole series this far. And, isn't it absolutely riveting? I love tales spun like that! Thank goodness there aren't THAT many of them to make me forget the world exists for I would be only to happy to curl up in a corner and READ, READ, READ.

    There is a joy in watering plants with a watering can which in its small way, is unmatched (when you'r a kid). Aah, I still remember how much fun that is.

    As for knowing your type of tea! Madam, you are raising a gentleman!! :P The Girl will be grateful. ;)

  7. Ace - You're comment made me chuckle. Yes, I do hope The Girl has many reasons to be thankful for how Jason and I raise our boys. I hope that when one of them gets a date in high school, all the girl's friends are begging to be introduced to his brothers.

    Then I'm going to ground him for at least another ten years, so that none of them will be stolen away by the siren's call.

    (Just kidding. Really, I am.)


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