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Friday, February 23, 2007

Noah gave himself a shiner in the park the other day. It was very puffy for a day or so, but now the swelling has gone down to be replaced by some very interesting colours:

It looks like he is wearing punker-style eye make-up--but only on one eye!

Jude wanted his photo taken, too, so he posed like this:

What a goof!

And just to round out the post, here is Jabin being extremely cute. This kiddo blew me away by finishing off his own soup today (2 scoops), plus most of Noah's! (Another 2 scoops.)

Apparently he hasn't read my memo that no more growing up is allowed.

Have a great weekend, friends!

Edit: I just scrapbooked these photos. You can see the layout of Noah here. You can see the layout with the rest of the kids here.

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  1. First of all they are all adorable. And that photo of Jude just cracks me up! What a little cheeseball! :D

  2. Good shiner! I checked out the scrapbook pages you designed. They are cool!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. In a house with 3 boys, it probably won't be Noah's last shiner either ;)
    Jude truly is a goof...don't know why...it's not like it's genetic or anything.
    Jabin on the other hand, his cuteness is definately genetic.

  4. I read your blog part of the time and it makes me feel closer to your family. I regret that Grandpa Emil cannot watch them grow up. Please give Noah a birthday hug for me. Sorry this message is a day late. Like your scrapbooking. My niece and I are going to start. Wish you were here to help. Your ideas are so good. Grandma Virginia

  5. Colleen - That is EXACTLY the word to describe him!

    Mom - Thanks! The shiner actually got more impressive after these photos were taken, but has started to fade to nearly normal by now.

    Ang - I'm thinking you're right about the shiner. Of course there are no goofiness in the genes! Who would dare suggest such a thing?!

    And Jabin got his cuteness directly from you. I know you weren't hinting at that, or anything, but we all agree.

    Virginia - Thanks for stopping by! I'll let Noah know. And good for you for starting a scrapbook--it will be invaluable to future generations, I just know it. The important thing isn't all the pretty embellishments--it's that you get your story told. Love you!


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