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To See What They Could See

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once there were three brothers named Jude, Noah, and Jabin. Jude was the oldest, Noah next-oldest, and Jabin was barely more than a baby.

One of their favourite things to do was to go out on walks to see what they could see.

One Tuesday morning, Mommy said to the three boys, "Get your outside things on. We need to take our van to the shop, and while it is being looked at, we will walk around and see what we can see."

So they put on their hats, and snow pants, and coats, and mittens, for it was a mild winter day, but it was still winter, after all.

When they dropped off the van, Mommy put Jabin in the stroller and said, "Walking along the street can be dangerous, so make sure you always hold on to the stroller." (This was especially important for Noah, whose attention wandered faster than he did.)

Then they set out to see what they could see. And they saw...

...a GREAT BIG TRUCK with a very noisy engine and thick black smoke belching out of its exhaust pipes...

...a yellow school-bus, empty of children, waiting patiently in the grocery-store parking lot...

...a white town-bus, and a grey and red passenger bus...

...some men blowing snow off a roof--and some crows holding parliament on another one...

...some of their favourite story characters on the front of the movie jackets when they went to borrow a free movie from the supermarket...

...a very friendly and helpful lady who held the door open for them at the bank...

...the fun red button they got to push that held the door open for them on the way out of the bank...

...lots of busy, hungry people that filled up the little restaurant where they ate their lunch...

...a video and some pictures that Mommy took on her new phone...

...a really cool abacus that was in the toy box at the shop when they got back.

When they got to the grocery store, Mommy said, "Jabin, you look tired. Do you need a nap?"

Jabin blinked back. Jude said, "Not me! I don't need a nap!"

When they got to the restaurant, Mommy said, "Noah, you look tired. Do you need a nap?"

Noah blinked back. Jude said, "Not me! I don't need a nap!"

On the way back to the shop, Jabin fell asleep in the stroller. He slept and he slept and he slept. Mommy said, "Jabin is sleeping a lot. He must have been really tired."

Jude said, "Yep! But not me!"

Noah got so tired of walking, he tried to climb onto the stroller and rest. There wasn't enough room, so Mommy said, "Just a few more minutes, Noah, and then you can get in the van and have a nap."

Jude said, "But not me! I don't need a nap!"

"Okay," said Mommy.

Jabin woke up when they got in the van. He was smiling and very happy.

Noah still looked a little sleepy.

But as they were driving home, and Mommy looked into the rear-view mirror to see what she could see, she saw...


And he was fast asleep.


Now I just need an illustrator! :-)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. VERY well written Mrs. Winters!!!
    I'll send you some sketches next week if I get a chance to draw.

  2. That was a good story! PS - Tell Noah auntie Ang says Happy Birthday!! Sorry it's belated.

  3. happy wednesday! lol.. well i can jus imagine all of that in a calvin and hobbes kinda sketch!! lol
    well. im here!! in the same continent that youre in!!! i miss CANADAAAAAAAAAA!!! i wore my red ROOTS bunny hug yesterday that had CANADA written in huge leters across. lol.. i wore it quite proudly actualy.. dont care what people think!!

  4. This was wonderful!

    I draw a mean stick man ....

  5. Dawn - For serious. For serious? You can draw?

    Ang - Told him. He was excited. And thanks!

    Grafx - So by that I take it to mean you are south of the Cdn. border?

    Colleen - Stop holding out on me. I saw your bunny with the laser-vision...

  6. I loved this story! Sounds like a wonderful day you had :)


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