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Why do I need Vitamin D?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Well. Scientists have actually "discovered" that the sun is good for you. (Sometimes it just makes a person want to grab someone by the collar and shake 'em really good whilst saying "Duh!") Here's an excerpt from one article about it:

Researchers discover moderate sunlight exposure helps prevent skin cancer: (NewsTarget) To the surprise of scientists, while exposure to the sun's UV rays is the main cause of skin cancer, a recent study says some sunlight also can help prevent it.

The idea of sunlight helping prevent skin cancer may sound like a paradox, but the key is exposure in moderation, immunology scientists at Stanford University found.

Sunlight causes vitamin D to synthesize in the body, yielding some protection from the risk of skin cancer. The production of vitamin D is spurred on as an immunity response from the body receiving ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from sunlight...

"The truth about sunlight is that sensible exposure actually prevents skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, depression and even osteoporosis," [Mike] Adams said. "Sunlight is more powerful than any drug; it is safe, effective and available free of charge. If it could be patented, it would be hyped as the greatest medical breakthrough in history. It's that good."
For those of us in Northern climes, where good-quality sunlight is difficult to obtain for much of the year, a good cod liver oil supplement is imperative. Before you shriek and start trying to get the imaginary taste out of your mouth, I recommend the Garden of Life Olde Worlde Cod Liver Oil. It does not have the strong "fishy" taste that many of them do. In fact, my kids actually ask for it! I am totally NOT making that up!

I have already discussed the possibility that perhaps sunblock is not that good for you. Who knew that you might be better off without the stuff that we have been indoctrinated into thinking was mandatory, and that what we have been told is gospel truth is actually just a bill of goods we were sold?

That last thought applies to much more than sun and sunscreen. Makes you want to stop and think, doesn't it?

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