It May Be Winter In Eden...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

...But what I'm feeling is summer in my heart.
-From Even If My Heart Would Break, Franne Golde, Adrian Gurvitz

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  1. Beautiful frock my friend! Now is that something you just whipped together in your spare time? And thanks for the very thoughtful and beautiful birthday card. I'm very interested to see what's coming in the mail. Call ya later!

  2. Dawn - Thanks. I DID make it, but not recently. I made this at three years ago, just before Noah was born, in the depths and cold of winter. I planned to use it as my "breast-feeding dress" (yes, it's got a flap, but you can't tell, thanks to my clever designing. Hee!) It did work rather nicely for the purpose.

    As for the mail--I'll never tell. It will ruin the surprise!

  3. Thanks for using our lyrics in such a lovely way!!
    Good luck,
    Franne Golde

  4. not too much longer and perhaps you can wear that out of the house.

  5. Beth - Thanks! :-)

    Franne - Thank you so much for your comment! What a pleasant surprise! I wish you continued success in your songwriting endeavours, so the rest of us may continue to be blessed by your beautiful words.

    Ang - Oh, I wore it out of the house. The next step will be being able to wear it without a long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans underneath! YAY!


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