Life doesn't get much better than Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh, yeah.
Now howzabout a kiss?

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  1. You're not wrong! Now did he eat them all or do you have some to share?!

  2. Adorable!

    Loved your story too. You really should make that into a book.

  3. Clare - Of course, there's tons! C'mon over!

    Rohini - Thanks so much. I wish it were as easy as sending it away to someone and they said HEY, we'll publish that for you! It seems to be for some people, but nothing in my life has ever come that easily.

    Anne - Thanks!

  4. Oh look at those twinkly eyes! You did kiss him, right?

  5. Cuter than a chocolate chip cookie!!

  6. Well, DAMMIT!

    That lil pooper, Jabin, now has forced me to go make some damn cookies. That I'm going to end up eating.


  7. Colleen - That kid gets more kisses than should be legal.

    Mom - Yep.

    Vicki - Well, if they were the high-fibre chocolate chip kind that Jabin was eating, you shouldn't feel the least bit bad about it. His were more like a chocolate chip granola bar!


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