Snowed In

Monday, March 05, 2007

When I was a kid, I remember having so much snow in the winter that we could build snow caves by tunneling into the side of a drift--and we would sometimes be able to fit me, my brother, and my mom in there, although it would be pretty squishy. As I got older, the drifts just never seemed big enough for this kind of winter play, so I thought that it must have only seemed like there was a lot of snow because I was a lot shorter then.

Well, now I realize that it really is possible to have that much snow.

I think we have had maybe four days in the last month where it hasn't snowed. Only now, in this north country, we don't get the nice chinooks that melt off the white stuff between drops. Everyone up here keeps telling us that this is actually an unprecedented amount of snow for this area. Aren't we lucky.

It would be nice if the weather would stop trying to set records and just STOP IT already!

This is the nice little slide set that Vicki gave us. To give you an idea of scale, I have included a summer-time picture with people in it. Our friend with the hose there is six feet four inches tall.

The second photo was taken this morning. Except for the top few inches, all the snow around this thing has been packed down hard by our dog.

Yep, we've got snow. It's been confirmed. There's a lot of it.

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  1. I LOVE seeing the kids using that thing! It looks like they're having so much fun!


    PS...I WANT that WEATHER in the first pic!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. That's a lot of snow. I don't evny the amount of shoveling you guys must do on a regular basis.

  3. From one snowbound girl to another - hello, friend. I don't mind the snow so much (I guess I've gotten used to it kinda) but what I MISS is seeing a blue sky and sunshine. The socked in snowing thing can be so dampening after awhile.

  4. OK, FINE, I won't complain about the 4 inches of white stuff we got today...cuz that's all we have. And it's supposed to get up to 40 on Friday. WHOO HOO! Maybe you should cover your windows with happy pictures of warm places...or make a collage of all your summer pictures? :)

  5. Hmmm.....wanna ticket to fly down to this warm sunny south where it's in the 60's during the day and only down to freezing at night???? Huh, huh?? Sorry, I shouldn't rub it in!! Bet the cross country skiers are happy around there...if there are any!

  6. Vicki - Me too. I wanna, I wanna! They use it all the time--even now with the weather all cold, they use it a fair amount.

    Ang - That would be your brother with the shoveling. And a sore shoulder, too, poor boy.

    Colleen - I CRAVE sunshine. And bare sidewalks, all the easier with which to push strollers on, my dear.

    Beth - Yeah, you'd be barking up the wrong tree with that complaint! The collage is a pretty good idea!

    Mom - Okay, just talk to the hand. Haven't seen many skiers about, but it's kind of tricky to see them through the flakes falling down--they don't tend to ski past my front window, and I haven't been all that enthusiastic about taking the kids out in the twenty-below weather. Can't think why.


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