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Friday, May 25, 2007

Today was memorable because...

...it was the first time that my oldest son came up to me with a fistful of Alberta's most prolific flowers clutched tightly in his hand, and with a beautific grin on his face, said, "I picked these for you, Mommy!" Noah was right behind, with his own offering of sunshine.

I know dandelions are "weeds"--so is it weird to say I've been kind of looking forward to that?

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  1. I have so many dandelions in my kitchen. Dead ones. But they wont let me throw them away! I had to put my foot down when they wanted to bring the blow-y dandelion fuzzy things in.

  2. It's a sad day when we become "adults" and start thinking those beautiful bright yellow flowers are weeds. I'm with you, Tally. I LOVED getting those fistfuls of weeds when my kids were little.

  3. No! I am so glad you were looking forward to it. This is no joke: when I was in Kindergarten, I wrote a 5 page book and illustrated it. Then my teacher bound it up and I rook it home. This is what the book said:

    Me and my sister pick yellow flowers. We take them to my mom. She says they're weeds. We say they're not.

    Honest story.

    I love that you have been looking forward to those flowers.

  4. Sigh. My munchkins no longer bring me "flowers". They used to, with shining faces. I guess now they know they are unwanted weeds rather than coveted flowers. *sigh*

  5. SOTJ - Sorry for the abbreviation. That's quite the moniker you've got there.

    I think I would ask that the fuzzy ones stay outside, too. Maybe I'd go out so we could blow them away and make wishes together.

    Kelly - And apparently, those little beauties are edible! Whoda thunk?

    Colleen - :-)

    Heather Anne - I love that you still have (or at least remember) that book. Too bad your mom couldn't see those pretty flowers through your and your sister's eyes, just for a few minutes. (Grown-ups don't know very much, and it's tough for kids to keep explaining it to them, isn't it?)

    Vicki - It's hard to hide how we really feel about them when they find us busily digging their favourite flowers out of our lawns, eh?

    Hi, you.

  6. Awwww. That is sooo sweet.

    I have loved the name 'dandelion' for as long as I can remember. Almost as much as I love the name 'daffodil'. I don't think I've seen a dandelion yet. I'm sure I would have heard it roar.

    Okay, poor joke. I know. I haven't slept in 24 hours.


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