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Spring Shots

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Suri and her bears (Jude and Noah were sharing)

Jude, Future Professional Soccer Player

"Look, Mom, he's littler than me!"

The world's biggest strawberry.

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  1. theyre so cute!!!did you ever worry that when you had kids your husband would help out or not? i have that worry...

    thats a HUGE strawberry!! we get some really big ones here too!!

  2. Tally Ho, that is a HUCKING huge strawberry. And also, those are very cute children. I've noticed that Canadians always have cute children. xo

  3. Colleen - I keep telling them to stop, but again, they aren't listening!

    Vicki - Can't argue with you there! ;-)

    Grafx - Hey! How are you, friend? I guess I didn't worry about it too much--one of the reasons I fell in love with the man was watching how he is with kids. He really is a treasure that way. (And in so many other ways, too!)

    Kelly - Ha ha. Maybe because you haven't seen as many Canadian children as I have! Just kidding. What kid isn't cute? I mean really. Anywhere in the world. (Although I think Indian and African babies are by far, the absolute cutest in the world.)

  4. That looks like some nice weather. It is energy-sappingly hot and humid here...


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