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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Okay, first of all, I would like to say that despite the fact that Heather Anne has recently been introduced to Facebook, too, she is still managing to post every day. And really good posts, too, not like this one. Or that cheap-out one I did a couple of days ago. (Not to diminish it's importance.) What's your secret, Heather? Anyway, if you want something much more entertaining than the dry diary-like rendition of my weekend that is about to follow, pop over there and read a post or two. You'll leave smiling, for sure.

The weekend was a little crazy. Okay, really crazy. Friday night was Jason's and my turn for Date Night. We planned on going to Spiderman 3, which opened in our town that night. (With our itty-bitty 2-theatre cinema, we'll be lucky if it's in for longer than 2 weeks. Especially with all the other blockbusters due to be released this spring.) The way it worked out, we even decided to go on a super-long date and do dinner first. So, we dropped the kids off at Gregories at about 5, then Jay and I went to an amazing Mexican restaurant here in town called Su Casa's. It was our first time there. Imagine our disappointment, then, when Jason overheard the owner tell someone else that they are closing down on the 19th! Something about the rent going up again, and not making enough money to cover that. Phooey. On our way out the door, I compared the whole experience to starting to watch Firefly, knowing that there are only 16 episodes, and Fox will never, ever air another one, so no matter how much you love it, the affair is doomed from the start. (At least they had the decency to allow Joss to make a movie as a follow-up for all of us cult-following-type fans.)

Anyway, the food was good, but the service was slow (as it seems all food worth eating is worth waiting for), so I had to get half my order boxed so we could head over to the theatre. We drove past the theatre, keeping our eyes peeled for a parking spot, at 6:50--five minutes after the movie was supposed to have started. Said eyes almost popped out of our heads, because the line-up was still half-way to the Associate Clinic on the other end of the block. And it was raining. All these people (who were most definitely NOT there for Blades of Glory, which had already been in for a week) were waiting, in the rain, to get into a movie which would either be starting really late, or which they would miss the first ten minutes for.

Now, once upon a time, in younger, more carefree days, we might have joined them. Indeed, we actually parked the van, dug out the baby blue "La Senza" umbrella (which, for some reason, Jason did not offer to carry! :-D), and went to stand at the end of the line. We waited. No one moved. We looked at our watches. We shivered in the rain. And then we decided that we did not want to wait all that time to get into a movie wet and late, or to pick up our kids way too late from the sitters...

...So we got back into the van, drove over to Movie Gallery, rented something, and drove home. We watched about 45 minutes, enjoying the quiet house so much that we nearly forgot to stop it to go get the kids, then finished it after we got them into bed. It ended up being a pretty late night, because before we popped it back in for the end, I had to buzz around cleaning up the house and prepping it for the Crop I was hosting for National Scrapbooking Day the next morning.

Despite a short night, I was up bright and early, prepping my lunch contribution and giving the baby-sitters I had hired the run-down on the rules. This was the crop that is normally held at our church once a month, but for various and sundry reasons (one of which being the small turnout this time), I agreed to host it at my house, instead.

The day was fun, although as hostess, I got very little scrapbooking done. As soon as it was over, and everyone went home with their tools, paper, and containers from their potluck lunch contributions, I went and traded in my jeans for a skirt to go to a concert in Grimshaw being performed by renowned international concert pianist Angela Cheng--a concert which the Peace River & District Music Teacher's Association was organizing and running, meaning I was supposed to be there to help. I had had little supper, and my short night and busy day were catching up to me, so sadly, I dozed through about half of the pre-intermission section. Even while I faded in and out, I berated myself for missing out on the great music. However, after that little nap, I was wide awake and able to enjoy the post-intermission segment, which comprised of three Chopin pieces. I particularly enjoyed her finale number, Chopin's Ballade in G minor, which you will recognize from the movie The Pianist, if you saw it.

Sadly, the majority of her CD's had sold out at her previous engagements, and they were gone before I had made up my mind to buy any. I shall have to do a search online, I suppose.

Sunday, I slept in, so we decided to have a family morning at home, rather than stress ourselves out trying to get to church on time. The morning was quite enjoyable. In the afternoon, our friends the Magnussons dropped by, and we hadn't had a chance to just hang out with them for so long (thanks to Darryl's busy work schedule as a welder) that we enjoyed the rare treat of playing games, ordering pizza (with the multigrain crust!) and relaxing with these dear friends. Before we knew it, the day was gone, the guests had left, and the kids had been put to bed.

Another weekend gone. A very busy one--but a very good one. It is hard to believe that it is already Wednesday, and soon another week will be over. I am so glad I started this blog, so that when I look back at the blur that is my life in a decade or so, I will actually remember what I did with my time.

Thank God for all these little moments that make a life worth living.

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  1. You were so right about Facebook. It is crazy addictive.

  2. Phew! That was exhausting just to read...

  3. Heather Anne - I know, right?

    Rohini - Sorry! Like you needed more to tucker you out! :-)


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