Saturday, June 02, 2007

Remember Jumanji? Remember the mosquitos the size of baby elephants that could break car windows and drill through solid oak doorways?

That's what the mosquitos are like here right now.

Nowhere so much so as our property. When we were out there last night, Jason said, "These are the kind of mosquitos that go home and smoke cigars and drink beer at night." And they were out for our blood.

Hopefully, they die down a little in a few weeks. In the meantime, here are some pics of the new digs. (Click on any photo to see it larger.)

There a TONS of wild strawberries all over the field. I hope I actually get to have some, before some bird or woodland creature snaggles them all.

"The mosquitos are coming! The mosquitos are coming!"

On the "road" side of the trees.

Look! I was there! Really, I was!

No, really!

"Be careful, Mr. Ryan. Not everything in here reacts well to mosquitos." (Poor Jabin! Today he got it even worse!)

The gory aftermath of the Killing of the Bloodsuckers--which ensued when we had to get back into our van to leave.

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  1. Those were fantastic pictures, but OH, I feel for you with the mosquitoes... We have them bad here, too. I hate having to spray myself with sticky bug stuff before going out every day, but what's a sweet-blooded, smooth-skinned girl to do?

    And since I'm also ghostly, I have to add the sunscreen. Ah, summer fun.

  2. Talena,
    I think you're blessed to bits! What a BEAUTIFUL place! Can we come live with you? Free child care anytime...:)

  3. Colleen - I look forward to tromping through trees with you, friend.

    Kelly - I've been experimenting with a few different "friendly" mosquito-repellent concoctions, but the oils I have are only mildy repellent--good for the baby, but not so bad for the mosquitos. Apparently, catnip oil is supposed to be 10 times more effective than DEET. I need to get me summa dat.

    (I'm of the "screen-or-your-toast" variety, too. But summer is too short up here to complain about, so I'm not gonna. Just the mosquito part.)

    Dawn - Of COURSE! You had to ask? :-) At the very least, do come visit. Other than the bears, there are hardly any drawbacks... (Tee hee.)

  4. OK, bears?!...I'm so there! I love bears, all cute and cuddly and furry. Kinda sucks when they chew and scratch ya and rip your limbs off, but other than that they're adorable, right?!!

  5. I am excited for you. Will try to keep checking your blog to keep updated. I sent you a message about magic erasers and burns to children. I hope you get it. I have never used magic erasers but bought one awhile back. Guess I will use rubber gloves when using it. Thinking of you often. Keep those mosquitos up there. They love me. Love, Grandma Virginia


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