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Today, I Learned...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

  • Shredding paper is fun. (I got a new office paper shredder yesterday.)
  • Using essential oils really can help improve my mood. After applying Young Living's Release blend after lunch, my mood went from I-just-can't-seem-to-snap-out-of-it-BLAH to much-more-at-peace-with-myself-and-the-world-Stable. (The paper-shredding might be helping, too.)
  • That in a four-year-old's mind, the shortest distance between the muddy back yard and the muddy front yard is through the house. With your boots still on, of course.
  • That in a three-year-old's mind, when you realize that pooping in your pants lands you in a not-so-pleasant shower, the alternative is not to poop in the potty, but rather to try and change your own diaper.
  • That the Canadian Cancer Society is actually more concerned with the fulfillment of it's intended purpose than I thought. They have just announced a national program to use vitamin D supplementation to actually prevent cancer! Amazing, eh?
  • That when you hit "Control-P" by accident when typing a blog post, Blogger thinks you actually want to publish it already. Good to know the new keyboard shortcut, but I wasn't actually ready yet!
  • That even a little bit of bumper-car action can leave you stiff and sore.
  • That no matter how much paperwork I get done, there is always more to do.
  • That most things in life are made better by a hug from someone who loves you.
What have you learned today, friends?

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  1. I love your post! I so relate to them - I have to say, especially to the shredder! My husband just got one at home for work and I love finding things to shred! It's such a great release! Ok, I must sound crazy! :) LOL And I love the Young Living Oils... I so know what you mean!!
    Great blog, will stop by often!

  2. Hey T! Good you've found something soothing and productive to pass the time! And glad to hear your accident was not more serious. Got your emails today, I will be praying God's divine blessing on you and your household. Luv ya and here's a hug:X

  3. Dear Audrey, Jane, or Sharon - Didn't know who left the comment. Thanks so much for stopping by! You have a wonderful-looking blog. Only makes me wish I had more blogging time these days, so I could become a frequent reader. Sadly, I barely have time to post right now--need to cut back.

    Anyway, please do stick around. If I can over come over to your place infrequently, it would still be nice to get to know you better at mine! (P.S. When my third son was born, my first had just turned three, so I can relate to Audrey's situation!)

    Dawn - As long as I don't start shredding unpaid bills, it will be productive! Thank you so much for your prayers, and for the HUG! I sure needed it today.

    Luv ya!

  4. My kids LOVE the shredder! And I can relate to littlies trying to change their own nappy, bless 'em! (But sometimes REALLY not a good idea!)

  5. No, silly... The paper shredder is so you can AVOID paperwork! At least in my house!

    And I'm going to remember that diaper thing. hee. That must have been a nice diversion from paper-shredding, Taleny. Fun for everyone!

  6. Clare - Oh, SO not.

    Kello - I needed to shred paper because of the diaper incident. LOTS of paper. Cheaper than a therapist--at least if Heather Anne is to be believed!

  7. i found the essential oils dont really work.. its mostly in the mind. but anyways.

    what i have found is that at first.. selfishness rules.. then slowly...when you learn to give of yourself for the one you love...strangely enough ( God is so good not to say I TOLD YOU SO) youre the one left happier! :D

  8. Hmm, Grafx, before you write them off completely, perhaps you should consider the following:

    1. There is an ever-growing body of scientific evidence that essential oils do, in fact, work. In fact, most drugs were created by trying to isolate the active compounds that give plants their properties and synthetically re-create them, so as to be patentable and profitable. Essential oils have all the properties of the plant in concentrated form.

    2. Most essential oils on the market are nothing more than perfume-grade, meaning that if you were to actually try to derive some therapeutic benefit from them, they would fail miserably. Only 2% of oils being produced are therapeutic-grade oils, and Young Living, the company I mentioned in this post, is one of the companies producing these.

    3. Every person is different. That is why certain drugs work for some people and not for others, or why caffeine affects each person so differently. The same holds true for essential oils. Perhaps the oils you tried were ineffective with your particular genetic makeup. Fortunately, there is usually more than one oil that will fulfill the same purpose. You should choose the one you are most drawn to--it's likely what will work best for your body.

  9. Glad the rear-ending episode was uneventful.

    Here we are not required to have car seats by law and I only recently got one for Ayaan....

  10. Rohini - One of my most vivid memories of India was watching a family of four drive down the streets of Bangalore--on a scooter. Thank goodness you have the ability to choose a safer standard than that! I hope that you never experience a collision of any kind, but it's just better to have peace of mind knowing you've helped prevent the worst, hey?


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