Mr. Grubby Comes To Town

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mr. Grubby:

Mr. Grubby takes a bath:

Jabin learned how to say "no" this week. He'd been trying it out, experimentally here and there on a few other days, but today was when he finally realized the full impact and power of the word. He enunciates it so clearly, with such a drawn-out delivery, it is like he is making sure you have no excuse to mis-understand his intention. And he's been practicing it at each and every opportunity he can think of--all. day. long.

Tonight, he was playing outside with his brothers and some friends of theirs, and when I went out to check on him one time he was gaily filling the dog's water with kibble.

"Jabin, don't do that," I said, as I scooped the soggy kibble out of the water with my hand and physically transported him about ten feet away, pointing him in another direction. Of course, he was not to be so easily distracted. As soon as his feet touched the bricks on the patio, he turned around as though to make for his kibble relocation project again.

"No, Jabin," I said. "You leave the dog's food alone, please."

He looked at me, clearly understanding what I was telling him to do, then formed his mouth into a perfect little "o".

"Nnnnoooo!" he said. He didn't move, but I could tell he wanted to.

"Jabin," I said, that don't-push-me tone in my voice.

"Nnnnoooo!" he repeated.

"Go play with your toys! Go play with your trucks! Go play with Zekers!" I suggested, indicating the general area of the yard where each was located with my arm for every prompt.

"Nnnnoooo!" he replied each time, just as emphatically as before. He finally decided to make for the dog kibble again, but when he saw me take a step towards him he thought better of it and made for his truck in the opposite direction instead.

Also, the hole of muddy water where the kids had made "Mud Stew" earlier.

Thus, the bath.

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  1. Those pictures are great! And he has the same cute little look for being in and out of hot water .... ;)

  2. Forgot about the dog. Has it setlled in?

  3. Jabin is the absolute CUTEST little thing in the universe, Taleny! Have I said that before, like, twenty times? Even while he's yelling "Nooo!" at you, you must still want to bite his little cheeks.

    What do you mean, "Nooo"? And don't you stamp your foot at me, young lady!

  4. Colleen - Yep. He's pretty cute. Lucky for him. :-)

    Rohini - He's actually taken right to us, and seems to be feeling pretty much at home. We're going through a slight training curve--he seems to think he should be allowed to sleep on the furniture--but for the most part, he has less bad habits than Suri does, so it's all good.

    Kelly - Yes, in fact I find myself fighting the urge to bite his cheeks on a daily basis. He is pretty much the cutest thing in the universe! Even when he was telling me "Nnnooo" in his little plaintive way, I couldn't keep from smiling about it all.

    I would never stamp my foot at you, Sweets. But I might stamp a parcel at you...

  5. Hiya!

    Because I read about your strawberry soup making adventure a few days ago, I was thinking about it ALL day yesterday.

    Can't wait for your cookbook to be out. Do I get a signed copy? Pleease?

    I'm moving house or rather apartment in September so will be cooking again! Woohoo. Right now? Knorr soup forms dinner.

    Haha, muddy stew. A dish of a different kind.


  6. Who on earth teaches them that word anyway? do they hear it from us parents too often or is it something they are instinctively born with? I'll never K"NO"W.

  7. And yes, I will be a soup tester! Zip me your recipes oh great soupess!

  8. Ace - Neither salad knorr soup can beat the real thing, but it's better than nothing at all!

    So cheesy, I know. Kind of like the strawberry soup. Of course, signing a copy of the cookbook when it's finished would warm my heart's cockles.

    Dawn - Consider them zipped! Okay, well, not quite--I have to get them into the computer, yet--but I will definitely be zipping some to you in the near future!

    Thanks for the giggle.

    Clare - Thank you! So are you! Hope you're a little closer to the blue sky these days. Hugs!

  9. Hehe.

    Are you going to put short stories next to the recipes? Ace wants stories.

  10. Ace - Hmmm. Interesting idea. I was thinking of putting educational nutritional items, but maybe I could include a short story about it, and make it like the MORAL of the story, or something. Hey? Hey?


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