A Penny For Your Thoughts

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

As Jason was helping Noah get ready for bed, I sat in the big brown rocking chair knitting away on a baby blanket for one of the dozens of babies due-to-be- or already-born this summer. (I even know the mothers of at least four of them personally!) Jude was laying on the carpet on his stomach, legs kicking the air behind him, his head resting in his hands, in his faded Mr. Incredible pajamas.


"Yes?" I looked up from my knitting, my needles not stopping. (It was just garter stitch, after all! I can do that in the dark! I have done that in the dark!)

Jude started into a long diatribe where the end of every phrase elevated in pitch like it was a question.

"I was laying here, and I was thinking for to do, and you were making supper, and Noah was at the table, and I was thinking, and, no, you were sleeping, and I was thinking for to do. And I had my head in my hands like this, and you were sleeping, and I was telling Daddy, and I was thinking for to do."

"Oh. What were you thinking about?" realizing this must have happened during my post-supper nap.

"I was thinking about what movie to watch."


That was quite the description of a thought process, coming from a four-year-old!

"Well, it's bedtime now. I guess you'll have to watch it tomorrow, huh?"

"Yeah. I'll think about what movie I want to watch tomorrow."

Really, we don't let our kids watch movies all day. They are quite limited in their time in front of the boob tube--Jude probably gets to watch the most, as I will often let him watch a movie while his brothers are napping, so we all get some "quiet time." Maybe this is why Jude feels the need to put so much thought into it--he wants to make sure he picks a movie he really wants to watch.

Or maybe he, like myself, feels the need to plan his day in advance. I suppose that can be a good thing, too. (See this post about his meal-planning and social-calendar planning fetishes.)


If you would like to see more photos from our recent holiday, you can go here.

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  1. I can just hear his questiony little phrases. It makes me feel like I'm there with you. :)


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